Friday, February 12, 2016

Choosing Everything!

I try to write the blog everyday, but it seems remembering to post it gets away from me all the time! Wait! What? It's been two weeks since I posted? No way! Yes way!

Wednesday 1/27

Got going fairly early in the AM. Nancy spoke to a couple of people at Fidelity about setting up the house purchase. A quick stop at Tom’s office to sign a couple more papers on the lot purchase.

Then Nancy andI drove down to the Farmer’s Market in Green Valley to pick up some frozen salmon for dinner. A guy who sells there, White Cane Sockeye Salmon, has some of the best salmon we ever tasted. Also looked at some cactus and natural plantings at place there. Starting to look at things for landscaping on the new lot.

Stopped at BK Tacos for lunch, Joan was meeting a friend in town for lunch.

Back home we relaxed and I paid some bills. Then we cooked the salmon on the grill for dinner.

Thursday 1/28

Nancy and Joan went up to the Desert Museum first thing in the AM. I did a few maintenance items on the trailer. They came back for lunch, I made grilled cheese sandwiches. Later Nancy & Joan went over to visit Karen, I got a haircut here in the park. 

We went to Cushing Street Bar & Grille for dinner, one of our favorite places!

Friday 1/29

Joan is getting ready to head home on Saturday so she is bringing things over here to leave with us. We made a couple of stops at the shops in Tucson Estates, drove around the new neighborhood looking at house colors and landscaping.

The surveyor called and gave us the all clear on the lot, we wanted to make sure there were no encroachments since there are houses built on both sides. That was the last potential issue, so everything is a go for the new house!

Later in the afternoon we drove across to the far NE side of Tucson where Joan had to return her cable box to Comcast. Our friends from Florida, Margie and Peter are in town for a legal conference and they are staying in that area. So we made arrangements to meet them for dinner and tie it in with the cable box drop off. Turns out the restaurant we picked, Harvest on the River, was about 100 feet from the Comcast office!  

Since we had time to spare we drove over to Lowe’s Ventana Canyon where Margie and Peter were staying and had a drink while they were getting ready. Beautiful views out over the city in the valley. Back at Harvest on the River we had an excellent dinner and a good time getting up to date with our friends. 

Saturday 1/30

Joan’s last day here, she is packing up and getting rid of things she won’t be taking home. Nancy will miss her. We drove by our lot and met a couple more of the neighbors. Looks like a really friendly neighborhood - think we made a good choice! Later in the morning we went back over to the “cowboy house” model to look at things they had done there since Joan had not seen it. Lots of good ideas, we have locked in a few things we want and a few of the finishes.

The three of us had lunch at Beyond Bread and Joan headed for the airport. We made a quick stop at the grocery store and then headed home. Another turn by the lot and through the neighborhood. Stopped in the rec center to look at permitted color samples. The guy across the street had told us they had them on display there. We were expecting maybe 20; there must have been over 120 choices! Picked out five or six that we liked, will see how they match up with the current wall material. 

Our heads are spinning from all the choices we are facing! It should be a lot of fun though and none of the inevitable compromises you run into when you are purchasing an existing home.

Back home and watched the NHL All-Star skills event.

Sunday 1/31

First real walk in the desert of the season! Had not been able to do it before due to my foot surgery. Back to about 97% of normal now. Heard and saw our first mocking bird out in the BLM land. We knew they were around here, but had not heard any. Really refreshing to get back out there in the early morning!

Pretty quiet day, laid out part of our schedule for next summer since we will be temporary full timers and we don’t really want to experience the summer heat in Tucson in the trailer - even if it is a “dry heat!”

Made reservations at Fool Hollow Lake Sate Park in Show Low, AZ for the first two weeks in May and at Cherry Creek in Denver for two weeks in early July. The rest we will play by ear. Plan on being back here at Desert Trails for August and September, hoping the new house will be ready in October.

Watched the NHL All-Star game on the DVR in the evening and of course Downton Abby.

Monday 2/1

February already! Seems like a short winter when we start out in mid-December! Cold & blustery this morning. Wind started mid-afternoon yesterday and continued most of the night with a fair amount of rain during the night. Barely into the high forties today and supposed to be a hard freeze tonight.

We went to the morning meeting and then huddled up at home until it was time to head into town for the lecture at the University. Met Karen and Gary at a Pelio Greek Tavern right near Centennial Hall, pretty good meal. We were close enough that we could watch for when the doors opened and the crowd started in, so we did not have to wait out in the cold.

Another excellent lecture! A bit scary as it was about the growing need for food around the world and the negative effects that increasing temps have on food production. All the way through I’m thinking “OK that’s 30 years (or 50 years) in the future, I won’t be around to worry about it.”

Tuesday 2/2

Still cold this AM, but at least the wind has died down. No walk this morning as it is cold! Took us a while to get going,  we received e-mails from Fidelity Title with paperwork on the lot and Nancy wanted to review it. Sure am glad she has the experience to handle this stuff! Finally headed out and drove by the house like ours that is under construction to take another look around. We almost always see something to ask about or that we night want to change. My list of notes is getting longer all the time! Drove around the neighborhood once again to look at colors.

Stopped by the model in Starr Ridge so Tom could scan the docs we have to send back to the title company. Spoke with Paulette and set up an appointment for Wednesday afternoon to start selecting colors and finishes.

Stopped at Best Buy to pick up an adapter for my laptop. Up until mid-January I was able to use our WiFi Ranger to connect to the RV park WiFi. With WiFi Ranger I can encrypt my transmission when I am doing banking on WiFI. Unfortunately the park has now restricted access to two registered devices to try to limit band width hogs. A good thing to do, but it means we cannot use the WiFi Ranger. Previously I could walk over to the pool hall and make a hard wired connection. However, my new Mac Book Pro does not have an ethernet connection! Isn’t progress wonderful? So I needed a $25 adapter to connect the ethernet cable to a usb port.

Hit BK Tacos for lunch, then a quick stop for groceries and back home so Nancy could go to her Spanish study group. 

Blackhawks game tonight! First one in a week. And they won, looked a lot better than they did before the break.

Wednesday 2/3

Cold again this AM, 28 degrees. A beautiful morning though, not a cloud in the sky. A bit warmer than yesterday, got into the 50’s with a cool wind holding down the temps.

Nancy had her Spanish class this morning. I made a run to get a propane tank filled. After lunch we went over to the model at Starr Pass to meet with Paulette and start making selections for the new house. Spent an hour and a half, made a lot of progress and made a lot of decisions. Next step is to go with her to a couple of vendors to make selections of materials for tile, cabinets, etc. A lot of their standard materials are quite nice so we won’t need to do a lot of upgrades.

There are however, several things that we will want to purchase ourselves: upgraded ceiling fans, dining area chandelier, vanity lamps in master bath, etc. Then those items will be installed during the build. So we plan on doing some shopping tomorrow.

Stopped at the dentist here in Tucson Estates to get our records transferred and make appointments. We had both visited her for emergency repairs in the last few years and we liked her. Nice and close as well. Then we drove by the house like the one we are planning to check out a few more details, and then back home.

Dinner at home and a quiet evening.

Thursday 2/4

Another night below freezing in the desert, but it warmed up nicely during the day. We headed out mid-morning, stopped at a Lowes on N Oracle to look at lighting and appliances. Found some acceptable lights for the dining area and master bath. Got some Ideas on refrigerators. So far we like the Kitchen Aide French door the best. 

A stop at Trader Joe’s, then Beyond Bread for lunch (and dinner.) Head up North to Ferguson Enterprises to check out ceiling fans. Found two that we like. Progress! 
This is the fan that will go in the great room. 60" diameter, stainless blades.

We will probably be back here with Paulette to look at plumbing and appliance options.

On the way home we got to discussing the oven in the new house. It comes with a standard range, but my thought is for something that Nancy will use almost every day it should be something better that she likes. We have decided to go with a built in oven and separate cook top rather than a free standing range.

Blackhawks won tonight in spite of the worst officiating job we have seen all year.

Friday 2/5

A little bit warmer last night, out of the freezing mornings anyway. Nancy had a massage from Angel this morning. After lunch at home we made a quick trip down to the Lowes on Valencia, a bit closer and I wanted to stop at the Radio Shack there. Looked at ovens, cook tops and refrigerators. Not as big a selection as the Lowes up North, not as affluent a neighborhood. We had been thinking of a double oven, but we saw a Kitchen Aide here with a single convection oven and a micro-wave in one unit. Might be a better way to go.

On the way home we went by the house like ours under construction and ran into the couple who are building it. Karen and Gary also came by to look at the house. Then we stopped back at their house and had a glass of wine while we picked their brains about their house and landscaping. They had been shopping for trees today.

Back home for dinner and relaxed.

Saturday 2/6

Out first thing and made a quick stop at H. F. Coors for the first Saturday sale. Very crowded, more cars than I have ever seen there, maybe due to Gem Show.

Then I dropped Nancy off at the airport. She is headed for Denver to help her sister with the kids while their folks go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Saturday through Tuesday

Not much to tell about. Did not really go anywhere except a run to the hardware store. Got a few repairs done and some cleaning; cleaned floors, shampooed the carpet, washed windows, etc.  

Nancy got home 11:30 Tuesday evening.

Wednesday 2/10

Nancy was off to her Spanish class first thing in the AM and then she did some laundry. After lunch we made a run to the grocery store and that was about it.

Thursday 2/11

Well we made up for a slow day yesterday with a full day today! First thing out into the desert for our morning walk right at dawn, a lot nicer in the AM now, low last night was 48. I love the desert in the dawn light, the cactus seem to come to life as the sun hits them and the mountains really stand out with the low sun creating shadows that you don’t get later in the day.

After breakfast Nancy went to the yoga class here at Desert Trails. 

Later in the morning we went into town to meet Paulette Herder at Arizona Cabinets & Countertops. Up to this point, even though we have picked out our model and floor plan, placed it on the lot, and made a lot of tweaks, that was all in the abstract. Today we actually had hands on a lot of materials and that makes the process seem much more real.

Really nice quality cabinets. We picked out cabinets, chose Rustic Alder with Midnight stain, then Lew helped us lay out the kitchen cabinets and appliances on the computer, we came away with a line drawing of the kitchen layout which we are really happy about.  During that process we decided to eliminate the West facing window over the sink in favor of more cabinets. We have also locked in on a built-in oven and separate cooktop instead of the standard range. We looked at a Kitchen Aide convection oven/convection micro-wave combo the other day that we liked.

This will be the Southwest corner of the great room, with an island. There will be a walk-in pantry around the corner behind the refrigerator. Oven/microwave will go in space on the right, with a 60/40 stainless sink to the left of the oven.

Next step, out into the storage yard to pick out a slab of granite for our countertops. Who knew we would actually be picking huge slab of granite! I was expecting to look at small samples. Really happy with the choice we made from three or four slabs that we liked. This one goes nice with the cabinets and has a  bit of color that will work well with our cherry drop-leaf table, a Murphy family heirloom.

Then we picked out sink styles and colors for both bathrooms and a 60/40 stainless sink for the kitchen. The standard faucets seem acceptable to us. Herder’s standard hardware is several steps above builder grade. Still a few cabinet options that we need to decide on.

From there we want to Emser Tile Tucson to make A LOT of choices! We took a sample of our granite (about 4” X 8” and it was heavy!) and a sample panel of our cabinets. Rebecca at Emser was a big help as was Paulette. Actually Paulette really helped us clarify what we wanted and was a tremendous help in working our way through the process all day!

First we picked our floor tile that will be in the great room, kitchen, hallway and bathrooms, then the grout. The tile for the walls in the showers came next - and the pattern for placement of those tiles - and a different tile for the shower floors. 

Sounds simple, but there was a lot of back and forth trying this combo and that combo until we came up with the combinations that we liked. The floor and wall tile in the bathrooms had to look good with the main floor tile, the granite and the cabinets. These will be the same as the granite and cabinets in the kitchen.

This is the combo for the kitchen:

From the bottom of pic up: floor tile, countertop, backsplash, cabinets.

We had been debating about what we wanted for the floor in the bedroom - carpeting is standard, but we were leaning toward wood. Investigation has shown that real wood floors are not very practical in this climate, the need to maintain 30% humidity is a deal killer for real wood! Options become laminate, engineered or tile.

One option for the bedroom was wood patterned tile and when we saw what was available we immediately decided to go that way. Picked out a wood patterned tile for the master bedroom and a different wood pattern for the den. 

Of course each of those tile choices required choosing the grout color as well as sizes! Floor tiles will be 18” X 18”.  Various sizes on the other tiles.

Finally we chose a light colored stone for the kitchen backsplash. Should keep things from being too dark under the cabinets.

Monday we will meet with Paulette again to pick out paint colors - inside and out! That should be a real treat! Then we will go to the carpet store to pick carpeting for the guest bedroom. From there on it will be mostly details. We should be closing on the lot purchase next week, then we will really be on the way!

We will make an appointment next week with Paulette’s regular sales person at Ferguson Enterprises to pick out appliances. We already have picked the two ceiling fans we like for the great room and the master bedroom. The two standard ceiling fans will go in the guest room and den. The fans are important features in Tucson! 

By the time we finished at Emser it was about 3:30 and we had not had any lunch, so naturally we headed on over to Beyond Bread for a late lunch/early dinner and made it home in time for the Blackhawks game, which so far is not going well - 4 zip Dallas at the end of the 2nd! And they lost!

Friday 2/12

Nice walk in the desert again this morning, really feels good to get out walking after being laid up for so long!

Nancy studied her Spanish this AM. I went down to Ajo-KInney Storage to set up a storage place for this summer. We will off load a lot of the extra stuff we brought with us only because it could not go into storage in Illinois.

After lunch we made a run to Costco for some meds with a stop at Walmart, then back home for dinner.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family in Town, Better Weather, and Building a New House

Been pretty lax in keeping up to date with my blog posts this month. A lot going on and some exciting news at the end of the post.

Tuesday 1/5

Nancy studied Spanish this morning, I headed into town for therapy. My foot is improving spectacularly. 

Wednesday 1/6

Nancy had her Spanish class this morning, I did some exercise on my foot. We met Paulette Herder at Noon, to look at models and lots. Joan came along to offer her advice. Looked at a number of lots, checking out views and where the house we like would fit. Spent a couple of hours walking around vacant lots. Found a number of them that we like. Turned out to be a nice sunny day, good for looking at lots. The one with the best views turns out not to be workable with the standard Herder Building floor plans that we like. Needs a custom build to fit on the lot.

Paulette had contacted a couple who had built a Presidio model so we could take a look at one. That is the floor plan we liked the most of the ones we looked at. As soon as we walked in we knew this one was the one we liked. Now we just need to find the  right lot.

After doing the lot tour we zipped down to the Fry’s in Sahuarita for “geezer day,” they give seniors 10% off on the first Monday of the month. 

Thursday 1/7

Rained steady all day, started out in the 50’s and dropped into the 40’s in the afternoon. After thinking about it and looking at plats we have narrowed our lot choice down to the first three, more options if we can’t meet on prices. Called the real estate agent who works with Herder to look into two of the lots that are listed by owner with no prices listed.

I went for therapy late in the morning, Nancy took it easy, she is fighting a bit of a cold. We were scheduled to go to a Tucson Festival of Books volunteer liaison meeting late in the afternoon, but it had been raining steadily and fairly hard since mid-day. Joan had started over here from Tucson Estates for a massage and found a lot of water on the roads, so she went back.

When we left for the meeting we encountered a lot of standing water in the first half mile of San Joaquin Rd, had not even hit any real dips yet, so we came back home. Should have tried it in the truck instead of the smart! When I went to send an e-mail to the TFoB directors about missing the meeting there was an e-mail form them: “Don’t come to the meeting if you are not already on the way, lots of flooded roads.” 

So we had a quiet afternoon and evening, listening to the pitter patter of rain on the roof. Finally stopped raining around dinner time. 

Friday 1/8

Nancy & Joan went to the Desert Museum in the morning and then stopped and had lunch at Coyote Pause. I stayed home as my foot was kind of sore and the therapy folks told me to ice it and take it easy on walking for a day or two. I did do my exercises and the stationary bike.

We went over to Joan’s rental for a nice steak dinner in the evening and watched the Blackhawks win their 6th game in a row!.

Saturday 1/9

Weather improved today, sunny but still on the cool side, high of 50. Nancy did laundry in the morning, I went to the gym and did 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

Joan had been in town doing some shopping, we met her at BK Tacos for lunch. Nancy & Joan then went one way for some shopping and I went the other for the same. Needed a new passport photo, camera at Walgreens broken! 

Later Nancy & I went back over and looked at the lots we were interested in, trying to narrow down our choices. Later I heard from our real estate agent, Tom Zwicker. He spoke to the two owners that had lots For Sale By Owner. One price was way out of reach, the other was within striking distance. So we were narrowed down to two lots. Told Tom to make an offer on one, we’ll see.

Back home and vegged, both of us nursing colds now!

Sunday 1/10

No response yet on our offer, but this AM we realized that the lot with a great view that we thought would not handle one of the standard Herder homes would actually work. Late in the morning we went back and looked at that lot again, we really like it. So we’ll see how the response to the offer goes and decide from there.

The three of us ran into Beyond Bread for lunch, then back home to relax. Blackhawks won their 7th in a row tonight and Marion Hossa finally broke the ice and scored two!

Monday 1/11

Nancy went to the morning meeting at the park to promote the Bopp Rd cleanup in two weeks. Park residents sponsor a stretch of road for trash clean-up and Nancy is the coordinator.

Looks like the lot we made an offer on is not going to work out, so we have shifted our attention to the lot we originally liked the best. Still a pretty fluid situation. Nancy had a cold the last few days and now I have it.

Thursday 1/14

A couple of lost days here! I was dog meat Tuesday and Wednesday. Skipped my therapy session on Tuesday. Wednesday morning early Nancy & Joan headed off to the airport to fly home for a couple of days to see their mother.
They are headed into cold weather!

I felt well enough to make my therapy session this morning and hit Food Conspiracy. That was about it.

Friday 1/15

Still tossing around ideas on which lot we want to go with. So many moving parts, price, view, which model will fit, does the lot need site work before building. A bit more complicated than I thought it would be. 

Did a number of errands in the morning, then went over to the foothills and looked at four lots and then stopped and picked up plats from the Herder’s office so I could see how the various models fit. They have floor plans called “snippets” that have the same scale as the plat, so you can put the snippet on the plat and see how that model fits on the lot.

Found one viable alternative to our first choice, which may turn out to be a tight fit. This lot is a bit cheaper, but needs site work. The others I looked at all had pretty good views, but usually a problem. Tall trees on neighbor’s lots blocking the view is one issue.

 Saturday 1/16

Nancy & Joan came back late this morning. I spent some time cleaning up and doing a few of the things I  should have done earlier in the week. Went back over to the Foothills and looked at lots again! Seems like I am getting obsessive over this whole thing! We’ll see how things go.

Joan went home and Nancy & I looked a lots again then had lunch at Coyote Pause. Back home in the afternoon. 

Sunday 1/17

We were a bit slow getting going this morning, but Nancy did a couple of loads of laundry. Nancy and I went to the grocery store and then had lunch at BK Tacos. Stopped by the Foothills again and walked through a house under construction that we have been watching. 

It is one of the two models that we are considering. Which model depends on the lot we choose. They put up drywall this week so it was nice to get a better feel for the interior layout than we were able to get when we were just looking at studs. We really like the layout. It was our second choice for a floor plan, but fits better on the lots we are looking at. Also a 150 square feet larger. We are meeting with the builder and his wife on Wednesday to go through some details - and maybe make a decision.

Back home in the afternoon, Nancy spent a couple of hours studying Spanish and then we watched the Blackhawks tie a franchise record with their 11th consecutive win. Yeah! Then of course - Downton Abby! 

Monday 1/18

Morning meeting at RV park, Nancy talked about the Bopp Rd clean-up next Monday. Joan came over late in the morning and we took a short walk in the desert. Milestone for me - first time out in the desert since I got here! Foot has really improved.

We went over to Ajo Cafe for lunch (Nancy & Joan are partial to their coconut cream pie!) and then we made a quick stop at Camping World and then back home.

Nancy & one of her friends studied their Spanish lessons while I hooked the batteries back up in the truck. Several days ago I went out to look for something in the truck and realized the interior light had been on long enough to flatten the batteries. I had started it just a few days before that, so strange that the batteries went so flat so quick. Everything seems to be OK, issue apparently just a serious discharge of the batteries. I’ll keep an eye on it for a few days.

Tuesday 1/19

I headed into town for my therapy appointment. Joan had a message scheduled.
After therapy I whipped across town to Bookman’s for the first visit this year, only bought three books! Then I doubled back and met Nancy & Joan for lunch at Beyond Bread.

Back home in the afternoon and the Blackhawks won again!

Wednesday 1/20

We puttered around home this morning then right after lunch we had a meeting with the builder, John Herder, and his wife. Looks like it is a go to put the floor plan we want on our first choice of a lot. Yeah! We discussed a lot of details about the things we will want. He will put together the proposal for building on that lot to the Homeowners Architectural Committee for approval. We should know by Friday and then we can proceed with a purchase offer on the lot.

Nancy’s sister Connie arrived today to stay with Joan for the weekend. We went over to Joan’s rental for dinner and Nancy made a nice pasta dish and we had a nice visit.

Thursday 1/21

Graduated from therapy this morning, Tim at Agility Therapy says “You’re healed!” Thanks to everybody there for the great treatment.

Joan & Connie both had massages with Angel this morning, then the three of them went to Coyote Pause for lunch and then on a shopping trip. After therapy I ran by Walmart to pick up my prescription - that they LOST last week! Had to have my doc send them a new one because they lost my renewal. How does that happen?

Stopped at BK Tacos for lunch and then back home for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday 1/22

Connie’s husband Laurie arrived late this morning. Nancy & I met Joan, Connie and Laurie for lunch at Beyond Bread and then we came back to Joan’s place. We all went over and looked at the house under construction that is similar to the one we want to build and then went to the lot. While we were there Paulette called and told me that the homeowners association had approved the plans for this lot! Yeah!

Called the realtor and set up and offer. After cocktails we went to a Mexican restaurant that we had not been to before la Parillia Suiza, it was very good, excellent food. We will be back here!

Saturday 1/23

First thing this morning we met the realtor and and signed the paperwork for the offer on the lot. Should hear back from the seller by Monday.

The girls went shoe shopping, Laurie and I went over to Starr Ridge and looked at a couple of models and then home for lunch - leftover sandwiches from Beyond Bread.

We all relaxed at our place in the afternoon and then went over to Nimbus Brewery for dinner. Burgers and fish were good as usual, but service was very slow. Not very busy for a Saturday night, but apparently that is usual since there were only two people working! Have to remember to avoid Saturday evenings.

Sunday 1/24

We all headed up to the Desert Museum first thing this morning. Spent the morning there - as usual I managed to spend more money than I should have in the bookstore! Lunch at Coyote Pause and then back to Joan’s to watch the first half of the Patriot’s/Bronco’s game. Then Connie and Laurie headed for the airport with Joan. 

Nancy got a text from Karen saying they were home, so we dropped by to see them before we headed home to watch the Blackhawks. Hawks got their mojo back after two road loses in Florida.

Monday 1/25

Monday morning meeting and then the Bopp Rd trash pickup - Nancy’s last time as coordinator of that task! We had 34 people helping and they picked up 25 large bags of trash in a bit less than two hours - only real find was one lady came up with a five dollar bill. 

Received word from our agent that the seller has countered our offer on the lot. Better than we had expected and we accepted the counter so we are on our way! Went over to the Herder model house and signed the paperwork.

This is the entrance to The Foothills:

The front of our house will have a Northern exposure. This will be the view just a little to west from the double sliding doors in our great room:

And this will be the view a little to the East:

Our lot is at 2,728 feet according to my GPS! That's 2,000 feet higher than Geneva! Nancy says she will have to adjust some recipes.

After signing the papers on the lot we took a tour through one of the models in Starr Ridge called the “Cowboy House.”  Large house with a lot of different and interesting finishes, also has a killer view on a lot backing right onto Tucson Mountain Park by Cat Mountain. Nice house, might be interested if someone dropped $600k in our lap! Selecting finishes and hardware will take up a fair amount of time this spring. We hope to be in the new house sometime in October.

We went over to Joan’s house for a while. Then into town for the first of the science lectures at the U of A.  for this year. Met Karen and Gary at Gentle Ben’s for dinner before the lecture. Another full house at Centennial Hall and they opened the doors early! We barely made it in, need to start going a bit earlier. Fascinating lecture, but a bit hard to follow as it was a whole lot of information on ocean climate modeling crammed into a short lecture.

Tuesday 1/26

Nancy was up early doing laundry, I pretty much vegged. Late in the morning Nancy & Joan went to the zoo to see the baby elephant (that is not so much of a baby anymore.) I went down to Walmart and picked up some groceries, stopped at Chase to get a “Source of Funds Letter” for the lot purchase. Nancy & Joan stopped at Beyond Bread and brought home sandwiches for lunch (and dinner!) After lunch I ran out and had a propane tank filled, then did some house cleaning while Nancy went to her Spanish study group.

Joan came back over for the Blackhawks game. Not a good night, Hawks losing 5 - 0 in the 2nd as I write this!