Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Bit of a Late Post!

Wow, did not realize I had not updated in two weeks! I write a bit every day and try to post at least once a week. In Tucson now, so here's the latest update:

Thursday 11/13

It just keeps getting worse - 8 below this morning! Amazingly the fiver is holding up with no issues at all, other than using a fair amount of propane. Staying warm and comfortable with no water problems. 

Friday 11/14

Still cold and snowy. but it did get up to 33 degrees after starting out at 1 below! Nancy spent the day taking care of the kids, I joined her in the afternoon to look after Miles. We played with his new tool belt that we brought him. He is a pretty clever little kid.

In the morning I dumped tanks, filled fresh water and got the snow off our slide covers. 
Out to dinner with Connie and Laurie.

Saturday 11/15

7 degrees this morning, using a lot of propane, but the trailer is holding up well in the bitter cold. Only got up to 24 degrees today and it was down to 8 by the time we went to bed. 5-6 inches of fresh snow this afternoon! Going to need to dump the snow off the slide covers again in the morning.

Sunday 11/16

Warming up a bit today, although it was still 5 degrees this morning. Pushed the snow off the slide covers this morning, then filled the third 40 lb. propane tank of the week! We had two full tanks when we arrived last Thursday, so as of this morning we have gone through three 40 lb. tanks in 10 days. Have not been using the electric heater as we want to keep the furnaces pumping heat into the underbelly. Never would have guessed that we could survive 14 below with no issues. Add the fact that it stayed below freezing for three days running (with a high of 4 on Wednesday!) and I am more than happy with the performance of our fiver.

Now we will see if the Volvo starts when I get ready to load the car tomorrow. I have had the block heater plugged in all week, so it should be OK.

Temps this week:

Mon     12     65
Tues    10     14
Wed     14 below   3 above
Thurs    8 below    9 above
Fri         1 below    33
Sat        7 above    29
Sun       3 below    29

Monday 11/17

Planned on leaving today, but we decided over the weekend to wait until Tuesday as it was supposed to warm up a bit more today and I was a bit concerned about getting the truck started after the deep freeze. I had the block heater plugged in all week and it started right up this morning, cranked a bit slow, but no problem.

I let it idle while I loaded the car, then we went over to Connie’s house for the afternoon. When we got there Nancy got out of the car and said "Is my car running?" Oops, never turned it off after I loaded! With the truck running I never noticed, duh! 

Nancy & Connie have been knitting while we binge-watch the first and second season of Boardwalk Empire. Mid-afternoon I took the truck over so Miles could climb around inside. He loves the “really big truck!” He likes to push and pull all the switches and buttons that make air hiss. At one point he had the directional signals flashing and we had to get out and look at them.

Dinner at Connie’s and then we said our good-byes.

Tuesday 11/18

Hooked up & got on the road about 9:30. Uneventful trip to Albuquerque, good weather all the way, arrived at Enchanted Trails about 6:30.

We had made plans to meet my cousin’s daughter Debbie and her son for dinner. They moved to Albuquerque last summer and seem to be really happy with their new jobs and living here. Had a nice visit  dinner (at Cracker Barrel of course.)

Wednesday 11/19

A little late getting on the road, left a little after ten and finished up at Ft Wilcox Rv in Wilcox, AZ. Only 80 miles out of Tucson, this makes a good stop and a short day tomorrow, been stopping here for several years. Arrived about 6 PM after lunch in Truth or Consequences and a stop at the Flying J in Lordsburg for fuel.

Thursday 11/20

Took our time getting on the road this AM as we were only 80 miles from Tucson. Made our regular stop at the do-it-yourself car wash in Wilcox which has a bay tall enough for the truck & trailer. We were not too dirty, just road grime, but it is good to get there clean.

Stopped and filled both propane tanks at Barnett's Propane in Tucson, easy stop since it is right off the freeway and I can pull in with the truck and trailer.  Then on to Desert Trails, arrived about 12:30. Got parked in our regular space and then headed in to town for lunch at Beyond Bread. Stopped and got the car washed at Royal Car Wash, then back home to finish getting settled.

Blackhawks looked pretty good tonight, hopefully they are finally coming out of their slump.

Friday 11/21

Happy Birthday to my little brother Tim who would have been 65 today, had he made it past 32. Miss him more every year.

The cold I have been fight off and on for a week and a half finally caught up with me this AM so I pretty much vegged out this morning. Nancy took a walk around the park, then we watched F1 practice. After lunch we did some puttering around, unloaded bikes, etc.

Saturday 11/22

Felt much better this AM, we took our first walk in the desert this morning. Everything looks green and healthy, they had a fair amount of rain this year. Met some new neighbors who have two very old labradors, one over 17!

Nancy did some laundry and spent some time visiting with Karen & Gary, then we went to BK for a late lunch and then some grocery shopping. 

Blackhawks broke out big time against the hapless Oilers tonight, perhaps this will help them get over the hump!

Sunday 11/23

Early morning walk in the desert and then watched the last F1 race of the season. Planning on going on the bike ride tomorrow, but Nancy’s bike has a flat tire. Found a bike shop open today, Loop Bicycles, so we took the wheel over then and then stopped at the Rillito Park Farmer’s Market. One of the better farmer’s markets we have found in the area, a bit far away, but close to the one in St. Phillip’s Plaza, so we could hit both on another 

There was a Culver’s right around the corner, so of course we had lunch there and then a stop at Trader Joe’s. Back home I got the bikes ready for tomorrow, put the bike rack on the new hitch on the smart so we don’t have to carry the bikes on the truck anymore.

Well the Blackhawk’s stunk up the place in Vancouver tonight, a couple good games then they fizzle.

Monday 11/24

First Monday AM RV Park meeting, planning for Thanksgiving dinner here in the park. Also our first ride of the year with the bike group. Started out with the bikes on the smart, but will have to rethink the hitch arraignment, the bottom of the hitch hits the ground when loaded. Between the low hitch on the small car and the design of our rack it hangs too low. Will need to do some modifications or get a different rack for use on the smart. Need to investigate this week,

Turned around and ran back home, loaded the rack & bikes on the truck and went on to the the ride location, fortunately a nearby one. Had a nice ride along the bike path by the Santa Cruz River (which of course has no water in it this time opt year) on a beautiful, cool day - mid 60’s. We skipped the lunch as they were going to Olive Garden which did not excite either of us.

Back home Nancy did some visiting around the park while I aid the monthly bills. Don’t know if I mentioned it before, but our new WiFi Ranger is working like a dream here, pulling in the park WiFi just great. Thanks again to WiFi Ranger for the great door prize at last spring's Escapade.

Tuesday 11/25

Sorted out what I needed for the bicycle rack to fit on the smart. Stopped at Lowe’s to see if they had anything, but no. Then we went up to Tucson Trailer Co. on Miracle Mile, they said sure they could fabricate what we need. Probably not this week due to the holiday though, so we may need to use the truck to transport the bikes one more time.

Since we were over there we had to stop at Beyond Bread for lunch (and dinner.) Then another quick stop at Trader Joe’s, Nancy stopped at a make-up shop, then we stopped at a Super Target for the rest of the needed groceries.

Back home I installed our new automatic door latch, which holds the door open with just a push and then releases it with another push. Now we can latch and unlatch the open door without going outside to release the latch. Anyone who has traveled in an RV will appreciate that.

Karen and Gary stopped by and we had a nice visit and a couple of drinks.

Wednesday 11/26

After our morning walk Nancy spent a a lot of time baking for the dinner tomorrow (and for me!). We had vowed not to go out, but needed a quick run to the closest Food City at Mission and Ajo for a couple of items, traffic not bad this side Mission, but Ajo was sold in both directions East of there.

Took care of Margo in the afternoon while Karen and Gary took care of some business stuff.

Washed the windows on the outside and did a few other small items as we get settled in for the winter.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cold Weather in Denver!!

Headed for Denver
Wednesday 11/5/13

Got a good start, on the road a few minutes after 10 AM. Uneventful day with goo weather all the way. Stopped for the night at the Cracker Barrel in Council Bluffs, IA.

Thursday 11/6

Up early, had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and were on the road by 8 AM, an early start for us. Another nice day with good weather, other than a persistent headwind that hurt our fuel mileage both yesterday & today.

By mid-day we were close to our planned stop in Ogalla, NE. We were both feeling pretty fresh so we decided to go on to Cherry Creek. Called the park and verified that we could get in a day early. Stopped just South of Ft. Morgan and filled a propane tank, then on into Denver.

Of course that meant that we arrived on the North side of Denver right at 5 PM and fought stop and go traffic all the way around to Cherry Creek on the Southeast side. Got in and settled by 6:30. Ran over to Casa Vallarta for dinner.

Friday 11/7

Unloaded the car and got registered at the campground, purchased our annual Colorado State Parks vehicle pass. It works out well for us as we get in three visits on one annual pass. This one is good through November 2015, so it covers us for this visit as well as spring and fall next year.

On over to Emily’s house to see the family. Babies are 14 months and close to walking now, Miles is an active 3 year old. Ordered pizza for dinner.

Saturday 11/8

Emily is out of town at a conference and Gregg is on call this weekend, with rounds to do today, Connie, Laurie, Nancy & I are on child watching duty. Laurie and I took Miles to his soccer practice, which was a different and interesting experience. Miles was not in the mood to cooperate this morning so he did a lot of standing around watching.

Quiet afternoon with the kids and then Connie & Laurie went with Nancy & I to Tag Burger Bar for dinner.

Sunday 11/9

Weather forecast says it is going to get REALLY cold this week, predicting lows below 10 degrees! WIll be a good test for our “winter package” on the fiver!

Watched the F1 race from Brazil, than off to Connie’s in the afternoon. Laurie made a nice chicken dinner which we took over to Emily & Gregg’s so the family could eat together. Nice evening with a lot of laughter.

BAck home we watched the Blackhawks vs. San Jose on the DVR. Looked like they were going to throw away a 3 goal lead for a while in the 2nd, but they got some mojo back and won 5-3.

Monday 11/10

COLD, COLD weather coming in! It was 62 degrees at 10 AM, I went out and filled out fresh tank, checked things over and plugged in the block heater on the truck. The North wind started howling and by Noon it was 36 degrees! Headed for 12 degrees tonight! Forecast is for daytime temps in the 20’s and lows around 5 for the next three days! Sure will test the cold weather ability of our trailer.

Nancy went off this morning to spend the morning with her sister and the kids. I stayed home to fill our fresh tank and make sure everything was closed up to protect from the cold. We have a sheet of silver, quilted insulation that we put in one window that gets the late afternoon sun in Tucson. Figured that would help against cold as well, so after Nancy came back at lunchtime we went over to Lowe’s and bought another roll.

It was snowing quite hard by that time, big fluffy flakes, but not really sticking as the ground is still warm. Back home we cut the insulation to fit and put it under the pull down shades on the big windows in our living room, which are facing into the North wind. Worked well, we were snug and comfortable all evening. 14 Degrees when we sent to bed!

Tuesday 11/11

10 degrees and 6:15 AM! We survived the cold just fine so far, in fact it was a bit warm for sleeping last night. We usually turn the heat down and crack a window even when it is cold. Last night I left the furnaces both turned up to keep our water tanks and lines warm. 

Wednesday 11/12

Thought 10 degrees was cold yesterday, but this morning it was right at zero when we got up and at Noon it was still only 3 degrees! Also snowed most of the morning. Sure picked a fine week to visit Denver. Trailer is doing fine though, both furnaces are running 24/7. Like I said yesterday, only problem so far is a bit too warm at night.