Friday, July 14, 2017

Back On The Road Again

Getting out of HOT, HOT Arizona!

Sunday 7/9/17

Back on the road today. We’re well settled in the new house, finally got our landscaping done - 35 tons of decorative stone and another 5 tons of “rip-rap” (fist size rocks). Looks pretty good, we will wait until fall to start planting our cacti.

We spent the month of June in Europe with Nancy’s sister Joan. Another Prairie Home Companion cruise out of Rotterdam on the MS Rotterdam. Two weeks with two stops in Scotland and four in Norway. Had a fun time, good entertainment and fairly good weather. Overnight in Oslo on June 21 & 22. Longest night of the summer and the Norwegians celebrate all night! Sunset around 11 PM and sunrise at 3 AM!

Got back to Tucson on June 30th. Seriously hot! Over 105 every day for the week we were there!

Due to work on the truck that lasted until Friday we were not able to start loading the trailer until Saturday AM. Brutally hot so the loading went slow. We had to quit in the afternoon and then finished up after sunset.

Got ourselves organized this morning and hit the road around 9 AM. We’ve been getting up at 5 AM to walk before sunrise all week, so getting up early this morning was no challenge.

We are headed to Elkhart to have suspension work done on the trailer and then back to Northern Illinois for six weeks. We laid out a trip with fairly short days this time, plan on getting to MorRyde in Elkhart on Saturday. Today we went as far as the Escapees park in Deming, NM. Uneventful trip.

Monday 7/10

Easy day from Deming to Roswell, NM., although we hit a bit of rain. Lunch at Margo’s Mexican in Alamogordo, then stayed at Trailer Village where we used to stop regularly when we first were going to Tucson, almost 8 years ago! We stopped coming this way after Emily and her family moved to Denver and we started stoping there. The young couple who ran the RV park now have a granddaughter!

Tuesday 7/11

On to Alanreed, TX, East of Amarillo. Easy day in spite a slight detour when I missed a turn in Clovis. Took a little tour of NM and Texas secondary highways to get back on track!

Stopped at Allanreed Travel Center, a tiny RV park right off I-40 in Alanreed, TX. Just a half dozen hook-ups in grass field behind a gas station, but more than adequate for what we need.

Wednesday 7/12

On to Chandler, OK and Oak Glen RV Park where we have stayed a number of times before before. Uneventful day and easy drive.

Thursday 7/13

Lunch at Cracker Barrel and a stop at Flying J in Tulsa, cheapest fuel along the route. Stopped at the tiny RV park behind Motel Six in St. Robert, MO. Thunderstorms and fairly heavy rain during evening.

Friday 7/14

Doubled back a couple of miles for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and a stop at Walmart. Still got on the road at 9 AM!

Two long, slow traffic jams for construction in Illinois to today. Stopped at Cracker Barrel in Effingham. That put us just 10 miles from where we had planned to stop, so we went on to Cloverdale RV Park in Cloverdale, IN. Nice quiet park with large sites and lots of shade. In spite of the shade the sat dish could still get the channels for F1 qualifying the morning. 335 miles, but puts us only 200 miles from Elkhart.