Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Cactus

Tuesday 2/21

After a nice walk in the desert this AM we spent the day hanging around home as we were dog sitting for Karen. We really enjoy having Margo here, she is a really lovable dog, Nancy particularly enjoys taking her to the dog park to play with the other dogs.

The wildflowers are continuing to multiply in the desert. We are starting to see areas with widespread groupings of tiny, tiny flowers. Looks like it is going to be an incredibly pretty spring in the desert.

It was another beautiful day here, mid-70’s with a slight breeze. We spent much of the afternoon sitting outside and reading. This evening they had a celebration of Fat Tuesday in the rec hall. Featured a great little band playing New Orleans style jazz. Trombone, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, tuba, and drums. The tuba player gave an amazing solo rendition of “Black & Blue”. Never heard that done before and it was pretty incredible.

Recorded the 2nd and 3rd periods of the Blackhawks vs. Detroit, while we went to the band performance (love that DVR!). The Blackhawks won thankfully. I think this game could have been the turning point of the season, a poor performance might have spelled the end for the Hawks, but they stepped up and won it.

Wednesday 2/22

After our regular morning hike in the desert we drove over to the Desert Museum. Turns out it was almost as crowded as it was Monday! Might be that a lot of schools took the whole week off since Monday was President’s Day and Thursday and Friday are school holidays for the 87th Annual La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros (Tucson Rodeo). Yes, they close the schools for the rodeo!

Anyhow, we spent some time walking around the museum, checking out the wildflowers and watching the hummingbirds. There was a volunteer docent with a display of wildflowers picked this morning and some really interesting information. She had a very good guidebook on Arizona Wildflowers. We looked in the bookstore, but did not find it.

After lunch in the cafeteria at the museum we went over to the Saguaro National Park Visitors Center as Nancy needed some postcards (she has found the best selection there) and we found the guidebook there.

After that it was just a quiet afternoon at home. As I mentioned earlier, this year we have managed to get out of “vacation mode” and don’t feel the need to be going and doing every day.

Interesting mail service today. We received a 2011 Form 1099 that was mailed on January 27, forwarded from Geneva on February 17, Received here on February 22! That’s right, 26 days! No wonder the USPS is in such dire straights.

Thursday 2/23

Tucson Yoga first thing this AM. We left a little early and went over Gates Pass into the city. a bit slower that way, but we wanted to avoid traffic headed for the Tucson Rodeo Parade on the south side. They were expecting upwards of 150,000 spectators!

After a stop at Food Conspiracy we came home and watched the Twin 125 qualifying races from Daytona. Disappointed that Mikey wrecked and will not make the race. This will be the first time since 1972 that Michael or Darrel will not be in the 500!

Late in the afternoon we took a nice hike in the desert. Would have been pretty warm except for a nice breeze.

Friday 2/24

On our walk this morning we went by the spot that Nancy calls the “Disney World cactus”. There is a large Saguaro with the archetypical (and relatively rare) pair of arms, an ocotillo and cholla, perfect for picture taking - so we did.

Typical tourist shots with the photogenic cactus (click to enlarge):

A couple we know here in the RV park went to an RV show last week and ended up purchasing a new fifth wheel. They brought it back on Thursday so they had a “house warming” cocktail party this afternoon.

Saturday 2/25

Took an extra long hike this morning, a little over two hours. There are tiny little flowers blooming all over the desert, not what could be called a “carpet” of flowers yet, but the potential is there. Anytime you stop and look closely you can see all of these tiny little, incredible flowers blooming.

The morning paper said there were good wildflower blooms along Picture Rocks Rd., which is the first paved east-west road on the north side of Saguaro Nat’l Forest West, so we decided to take a ride up there and take a look. Other than one area were there really was a carpet of Mexican Poppies on the hillside, it was not any more than we are seeing going over Gates Pass. Since we were so far north we went on across to the Beyond Bread at Ina and Oracle - this is in the shopping center where Gabby Giffords was shot last year. We got take out sandwiches which will serve for dinner tonight and lunch on Sunday!

Weather is warming up, lows in the high forties and highs in the upper seventies this week, that along with the earlier rain is driving the early wildflower bloom.

Sunday 2/26

After our hike this morning we relaxed and watched the morning news shows, planned on watching the Daytona 500, but rained out.

Later in the afternoon we watched the Hawks game, they lost. Things are not looking good this season, they have a string of really good games and then a string where they look like they are just going through the motions. Very frustrating.

Monday 2/27

Other than the weekly morning meeting we did not accomplish a lot today. There are people starting to move out of the campground being the end of the month. We had originally planned on leaving this week, but decided to stick around to see the wildflowers, so far they are living up to expectations.

This afternoon we went up to the visitors center at Saguaro National Park for a couple of ranger talks. The first one was on foods the native peoples found in the area, going back to the first humans known to inhabit the area. Very interesting talk that included a demonstration of the way early man was able to hunt woolly mammoths with only stone tipped spears.

We are always surprised by the few people that take advantage of these talks. When we arrived the visitors center was very crowded, busier than we have seen it, but we were the only two people that went to the talk!

After that talk we went to one about memories of early Mexican settlers in the Tucson area. Also very interesting, and at least there were four of us in this session! The ranger spoke a bit at the beginning of the talk about snakes and scorpions. She said she often found scorpions under the mats by the doors to the visitors center (!!). After the talk we went with her to look and she started lifting the mats INSIDE the doorway! And sure enough, there was a medium size scorpion in the crack in the floor under the mat! She said the small ones have the most painful bites, but none of them are really serious.

Watched the Daytona 500 this evening, a pretty good race and quite eventful.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday 2/11

We had heard about the Tanque Flea Market meet from some people, so after our morning hike we headed over to check it out. Forunately we determined that it was nowhere near “Tanque Verde Rd”, but actually on Palo Verde Rd south of Ajo. Strange but true.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a pretty large and amazing collection of stuff we have absolutely no interest in! So after a walk through we decided we had seen enough and came back west to S12th Ave and had lunch at BK Sonoran Hot Dogs. Great as usual.

Just did some puttering around the trailer in the afternoon The Blackhawks were playing i n Phoenix so we got to watch them on TV - unfortunately losing their 8th game in a row! After that torture we watched a movie.

Sunday 2/12

After our walk and the morning news shows we decided to take a drive over to Saguaro NP East and check it out. Since that is all the over on the far east side of the city it took us just about an hour to get there. While we were in the visitors center, I got a call from UA Presents. When we went to the Garrison Keillor show on February 1st we had inquired about ticket availability for the Itzhak Perlman appearance on the twelfth. Well it was sold pout, but the lady at the ticket window asked if we wanted to get on the waiting list. We said sure, so she picked up a steno pad and put our name down - at the bottom of the third page of names! OK, not much chance of that.

But here we were at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon and they were calling to say they had two tickets available. Wonderful! Yes, we will take them. So it is 2:30 PM, we are an hour from home and the show is at 6:30 back at the University! So instead of doing the park loop, which looked crowed anyway since there were eight cars on line at the ranger station when we left, we just turned around and drove back across the city home, changed our clothes and back across Gates Pass again to The University.

Had dinner at the Chipotle Mexican Grille on University and then walked over to Centennial Hall on the campus for the show. Was it ever worth the price! We had front row seats, all the way to the left side, but a beautiful sight line to Mr. Perlman. He was accompanied by Rohan de Silva on the piano and it was a masterful performance of Schubert, Brahms, and Prokofiev, plus an encore with several pieces by Fritz Kreisler. A wonderful, mesmerizing show!

Monday 2/13

Monday morning park meeting, then we drove across to the east side where Nancy had a beauty appointment, then lunch at Beyond Bread on East Speedway and a stop for some major shopping at Trader Joe’s. We did resist making a stop at Bookman’s Bookstore since we have a pretty good backlog of unread books going at this point.

We did stop at Summit Hut on the way back and I picked up a pair of Merrill hiking boots on sale. Mine seem to be getting past their prime as my feet hurt quite a bit after (and during) our last hike, so hopefully these will help that situation.

Back home and relaxed and watched the Downton Abby episode that we recorded last evening - that DVR is the greatest thing, should have gotten one a long time ago!

Sometimes on our morning walks we catch sight of a jack rabbit. The pictures do not give any scale, but these guys are pretty good size, probably two feet tall at the top of their ears.

Tuesday 2/14

A very different feeling in the desert this morning. Sky is overcast, there is virtually no wind, and the feeling is one of anticipation. It’s like all the plants are just waiting for the rain, the the mesquite, the jojoba, and all the other plants have their leaves open and turned to the sky.

As much as we are all hoping for rain, the clouds passed over without any rain here, but then later in the morning it clouded over again and we got an hour or more of a nice gentle rain! Just what we needed for the wildflowers!

Already there are some blooming in the desert.

Annual park picnic tomorrow and we volunteered our truck to help move tables. Nancy and I picked up 13 folding tables from the rec center and carried them over to the area for the picnic.

Wednesday 2/15

More and more little wildflowers showing up during our walks in the desert. Some of them are really pretty and we can see the very beginnings of what we expect to be a blanket of flowers. The desert is greener than we have ever seen it.

Beautiful weather for the picnic today, sunny and in the low sixties. We met a nice couple who are full timers and had a nice conversation during lunch. After the picnic we hauled our load of folding trailers back to the rec center and then we made a run into town to do a little shopping. A quick stop at Wal Mart and then the grocery store.

Early in the morning the low angle of the sun makes an amazing difference in the appearance of the desert. This cholla is a good example. This picture is taken looking at the sunny side of the cactus, notice the shadow.

This picture is seconds later with the sun back lighting the cholla. The pictures really don't do it justice, but you get the idea.

Thursday 2/16

Morning class at Tucson Yoga and a quick stop at Food Conspiracy. Back hoe we relaxed and did some housekeeping. I have been working on removing the Red Max 3 sealer that pealed a bit on or dark decals and it is starting to look pretty good.

Got to watch the Blackhawks break out of their loosing streak by beating the Rangers tonight. Hopefully things will get better now.

Friday 2/17

After our morning walk we headed into town. Stopped at Bookman’s Book Store as Nancy wanted to look for a good atlas. While she was doing that I found five more books that I could not live without! Need to stay away from that place. We did, however get $125 plus worth of books for $50!

After lunch at Beyond Bread we drove on over to the Saguaro National Park East to finish the loop drive that we had planned on doing last Sunday. It was a very pretty 8 mile drive through the park. One thing that we noticed is that the Saguaros in this part of the park are considerably different than those over on the west side. Not as plentiful, but there are many, many of them with multiple arms. It is common to see ones with ten, fifteen, or even twenty arms! Very common here, very rare on the west side. Maybe due to more plentiful water here?

Saturday 2/18

Pretty much stuck around home today, we have been successful this year in getting out of “vacation mode” and into “retired and relaxing” mode. Not doing as much running around checking out the sights as we did in the past two years.

Blackhawks won again today! Yeah!

We did get out to Coyote Pause for lunch, but that was about it.

Sunday 2/19

We had planned on watching a Blackhawks game this morning, but the local NBC affiliate chose to carry the Detroit game instead. Can’t blame them considering the Hawks recent record. They did win though and we get the next game Tuesday evening against Detroit at home. Might be a pivotal game for the rest of the season!

Otherwise not much happening today. Nancy spent some time playing with the dogs at the dog run in the afternoon and that was about it.

Monday 2/20

After the Monday morning meeting we ran up to Saguaro National Park for a ranger talk about rattlesnakes. Turned out to be a very interesting talk, with a lot of great information on rattlers. Information makes it a lot less likely that you will be afraid of the snakes if you do encounter them. 90% of rattlesnake bites are categorized as “preventable”, and of those the majority are young males and alcohol is involved. Gee, what are the chances?

We had planned on stopping at the Desert Museum after the talk, but we forgot it was President’s Day. The parking lot was full, so we decided to pass and come back later in the week.

Instead we went into Tucson and had lunch at BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs. Great as usual. A stop at the grocery store and then back home for the afternoon.

Here are a few more pictures of wildflowers that are starting to bloom in the desert. As you can see by Nancy's fingers they are really quite tiny, but if one looks closely you can see that there are a lot of them getting close to blooming.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Longer Hike and Great Jazz

Saturday 2/4

Off to H F Coors this morning for their monthly seconds sale. Nancy was really pleased with what she found. She picked up a set of pasta bowls and a couple of other bowls for $2 and $3 apiece.

Traffic around town is getting pretty heavy as the Gem Show is starting this week. Police at a lot of intersections along with independent shows spread all around town.

Back home Nancy did some laundry and we just relaxed.

Sunday 2/5

Morning walk, then news programs. We each had a hot rocks massage from Angel and then watched the Super Bowl, which fortunately ended before the start of Downton Abby! Otherwise we would have missed the exciting end of the game. Pizza for dinner. Our new freezer means we can keep a couple of pizzas in stock instead of having to run to the store on Saturday or Sunday as we had been doing.

I have been working on cleaning off the decals on the trailer where the Red Max Pro bubbled due to moisture and yesterday I started reapplying sealer to those areas. Put a second coat on part of it today and it is looking good.

Monday 2/6

Morning RV Park meeting, then we went into Tucson to check out the “African Village” which is part of the rock and gem show - which really spreads all over the city with something like forty distinct locations, each one offering something just a little different. There are markets and shows for unsorted boxes of rocks, fossils, raw rocks, polished rocks, semi-precious, gem stones, beads, etc., etc. If it has any remote relationship to rocks you can find it on display or for sale somewhere in Tucson this week.

The “African Village” was featured in the Sunday paper and looked quite interesting, so we figured Monday morning would be the time with the least crowds - and we were right. There was a very interesting assortment of booths with African crafts. lots of carved figurines and masks, an amazing variety of beaded items, lots of beads and colored stones in bulk, clothing, baskets, etc. One very unique item was some very colorful and decorative baskets made of telephone wire! Really pretty works of art made from the tiny colored wires found in bundles of telephone wire!

Since we were downtown we stopped in at the Federal Building and picked up the IRS forms we needed. There was an ad from the shoe store Worldy Soles on Sunday that said they were going out f business! Bummer, we just found the place a couple of weeks ago. Everything is on sale so we decided that was as good an excuse as any to stop at Beyond Bread for lunch and check out the shoe store again, and lo & behold, Nancy found a nice pair of walking shoes for a great price!

There was another article in the newspaper this morning about the wildflowers, some of which are starting to bloom early, that predicted a spectacular wild flower bloom this spring due to the rain in December and the warm temps in January. This is predicted to be the best spring in five years and it will be even better if we get a little rain in February, which is predicted this week!

Since we have never seen the desert in bloom we have decided to forgo our planned trip to the Pacific NW for this year and stay here at least through the end of March. We can always do the NW next year, but the wildflowers are not that predictable. So we will be sitting tight for another eight to ten weeks. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it is worth it. Nancy says that the first time she sees a snake in the laundry room we are hitting the road!

Tuesday 2/7

This morning on our walk we came across a real pretty little wildflower, so it is starting already.

A couple of interesting coincidences today. After our morning walk we drove over to the post office to pick up some stamps and mail the oil sample from the truck oil change. The lady in front of us was having a package weighed, the clerk asked the zip code it would be going to and she said “60134”! Hello, that’s our home zip code! Turns out that she was going to send the package to her sister in Geneva, and she was born there herself.

Further in the small world category, as we were leaving the post office Nancy suggested we try the donut shop a couple of doors down. As we were walking back to our car a lady came rushing out of the restaurant next door - it was Barbara Armbruster, our former yoga teacher from Geneva! Turns out she and her fiance (we did not even know she was getting married) are staying right nearby and they are in the process of buying a house less than five mile away from Desert Trails! We did not even know she was in the area.

After a stop at the hardware store to pick up a nylon spacer we came home and I repaired one of our long slide covers that had lost a support spacer in the center. No idea how, maybe caught on a tree or maybe just vibrated out. I had taken a picture and was getting ready to send it to the awning manufacturer to see about getting a new piece. Then I thought to look at the awning on the other slide which is the same length. All that was missing was a simple nylon spacer and a screw. An easy fix!

I also determined that my new storage arrangement makes it much simpler and less work to get our collapsable ladder out of the storage compartment.

This afternoon there was a memorial for Kyoko Wyatt, the wife of the campground owner who passed away about this time last year. They had a very nice gathering with a couple of chefs making sushi - Kyoko was Japanese.

This evening there was a performance by Arvel Bird, a young man who performs on the violin and flute. The people here speak very highly of his previous performances, so we decided to check it out. Guess our tastes don’t quite dovetail with the group here. The performance was OK, but didn’t do much for us, we left after the third song.

Wednesday 2/8

Nancy and Karen drove down to Tubac for the opening day of the Tubac Arts Festival this morning and I stayed home to clean house and dog sit with Margo.

Some people might ask what we like about Tucson besides the walking and hiking in the desert. This quote from the Arizona Daily Star of January 31, 1912 pretty much covers it: Mr. Edwin Merrian, 1st Asst. to the VP and General Solicitor of the Missouri-Pacific RR “One week in Tucson convinced me that this is the most glorious winter climate in the world, and I shall go no further in search of a winter resort. The azure skies, the beautiful moonlight nights, this warm and mild climate, have proved a great boon to me ...”. This from a man with a private RR car that he could take anywhere in the US!

One of the fellows in the park here makes home made “pastys”, chopped meat, potatoes and vegetables in a pie crust like pouch. He dropped a couple off this afternoon and we had them for dinner, really good.

This evening there was a meeting of the astronomy group that had as a guest an astronomer from Kitt Peak Observatory who gave a talk about the solar system. Even though it was, as he said, really aimed at fifth graders - we made a model solar system out of play dough - it was very interesting and a bit of fun.

Thursday 2/9

Tucson Yoga first thing in the morning and then a quick stop at Food Conspiracy to pick up a few essentials. Otherwise it was apparently pretty uneventful day as neither of us can remember anything else that we did! And I am only writing this on Saturday morning, really should write it every day!

Friday 2/10

We decided to take a bit longer walk in the desert this morning. We had found an on-line map of Tucson Mountain Park that showed the trails so we decided to see if we could make sense out of them (which we had been unable to do in the past). We went about two and a half miles, still not really sure of where we were, but we eventually figured out that one of the trails we took was not on the map and the other problem we had was the small scale of the map. When a mile is only a little more than an inch on the map it is hard to get your bearings when you are walking.

After our hike we went to Coyote Pause for brunch. Later in the afternoon a run to the grocery store was in the cards and then we just relaxed. Nancy went over to the dog run with Karen and Margo late in the afternoon.

This evening there was another excellent performance in the rec hall. The Ellington Band from the Tucson Jazz Institute, which consists of entirely high school kids. They gave a really great and enjoyable performance, especially nice for us since we are fans of big band music in general and Ellington in particular.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Couple of Really Good Shows

Friday 1/27

Getting back out for our regular morning walks in the desert again, weather has been great, usually in the 40’s early in the morning and around 70 late in the day.

A couple of tidbits that I meant to mention from the Geology talk at Saguaro National Forest. First some background: I think I have mentioned before the settling ponds just to the west of us out in the Avra Valley. They can be seen from the Desert Museum and the National Park visitors center, generating a lot of interest from visitors. As we found out, they are for water coming out of the Colorado River for Tucson’s water supply. We were told that when Colorado River water was first brought to Tucson it was put directly into the city’s water supply. The water in Tucson at that time was very hard, which had left deposits in all of the system. When the much softer river water was introduced it loosened those deposits and resulted in considerable damage to the water infrastructure. As a result they decided to build the settling ponds which allow the river water to percolate into the aquifer. Maybe apocryphal, but a good story anyway.

Which brings me back to the talk on geology. There is still a lot of mining for copper and, to a lessor extent silver, in Arizona. The Tucson Mountains were the site of a fair amount of mining activity in the 19th century and the resulting pollution of the water in the mountains still has impact today. The ground water just to the west of the mountains is undrinkable and closer to the mountains it cannot even be used for bathing!

The other interesting fact is that there are no buildings in Tucson higher than 12 or 15 stories. This is due to the “mountain and basin” geology of the area, which is common in the southwest. The floor of the Tucson valley is actually eroded material from the mountains -to a depth of 10,000 feet! The Avra valley where we are is 7,000 feet of eroded material.

This morning there was a park wide “yard sale” and Nancy and Joan took a walk around to see what was there, they picked up a couple of embroidered tea towels.

We made a run across to the east side to the In N’ Out Burger so Joan could get a burger fix before she heads for home. After lunch we stopped at Tucson Botanical Gardens. We took advantage of a Groupon for a discounted membership last summer and it came along with some guest passes. The butterfly exhibit was amazing this year, seems like a lot more butterflys than there were last year.

After a cocktail back home we went to Los Nopales in Tucson Estates for dinner since it is real close and pretty good. As usual it was full and we had to wait a few minutes for a table, but they move people in and out pretty fast.

Saturday 1/28

Joan is headed for home today. after she packed up this morning we went over to BK Dogs & Carne Asda on 12th Ave for lunch. Joan headed for the airport and we headed home after doing some quick food shopping.

Rolex 24 on TV this afternoon. Using the DVR I was able to watch the whole thing without watching any commercials. Managed to stay pretty much within an hour of the coverage most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

After all the eating out this week I think we will be eating at home for a while! Leftover pizza tonight, along with a couple of home made pastys. The man whose trailer I moved earlier in the month gave them to us as a thank you, and they were excellent.

Sunday 1/29

Other than our regular morning walk in the desert we were pretty much couch potatoes today, watching the last 6 & 1/2 hours of the Rolex 24, Sunday Morning, Fareed Zakarian, and some of the NHL All Star game, before we got to Downton Abby - whew, just thinking about it makes me tired.

Monday 1/30

Regular Monday meeting at the RV Park and we put in our reservation for the same site here next December through February.

Made a run to the Home Depot and picked up material to build a platform for the new freezer. I have to build it up about 4” to clear the door when it opens because the compartment has a lip in the front. I also needed to secure it so it does not move around while we are traveling. I laid three 2 x 10s cut to fit in the floor indentation so they cannot move. Tied them together with two more 2 x 10s the size of the freezer base, then two more crosswise to get the freezer high enough. The freezer is marketed for drug storage (hence the locking door) so it has a inside the door bracket allowing it to be bolted down. So now it is securely mounted and easily accessible.

Spent a quiet evening reading and listening to music.

Tuesday 1/31

A really nice day today, as most of them are here, so we decided to take a ride up to Mt Lemmon after our morning walk in the desert. Since it is all the way across on the opposite side of the city, it took us an hour just to get to the base of the mountain. From there it is 25 miles to Summerhaven and 31 miles to the ski area. Since the speed limit on Catalina Highway is 35 it took another hour to get to the top of the mountain.

It was a real pretty drive with great views of the mountains. The saguaros stopped suddenly at about 4,000 feet, and deciduous trees started appearing. At 5,000 feet we started seeing pine trees, and over 6,000 feet that was about all the growth there was. At 7,000 feet we started seeing snow in the shady areas along the highway. Summerhaven is just over 8,000 and it was 42 degrees there - it was 69 when we started the climb and 74 in the valley when we got back down. Mt Lemmon itself is 9,157 feet, and receives 180 inches of snow annually.

Stopped at Shlomo & Vitos Deli for lunch. Back home we just relaxed for the evening.

Wednesday 2/1

After our morning walk we did some puttering around home and then went to the nearby Fry’s Grocery for “senior Wednesday”. We still have not figured out if it is just this store or all of the Fry’s. We have not seen anything in their ads, but this store gives an additional 10% discount to seniors on the first Wednesday of each month. That is on everything, even sale items! Of course it was busy and, as I told Nancy, twice as many people as a normal day since almost every woman in the place had an old guy with a grocery cart following her around - me included!

With the new freezer we were able to stock up on frozen food a bit more than we have done in the past.

In the afternoon we headed back into the University of Arizona for a Garrison Keillor show by UA Presents at Centennial Hall. Garrison had Heather Masse and Rich Dworsky with him and they put on an excellent show with lots of songs and an outstandingly hilarious monologue from Garrison.

Before the show we had dinner at Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co. Good beer and pretty good hamburgers. Not a lot of ambiance, kind of a typical college town bar.

Thursday 2/2

Off to Tucson Yoga this morning for our “gentle yoga” class. After class we stopped at the Federal Building to pick up income tax forms - the IRS office was closed! No one knew why, maybe Groundhog Day? The guards on duty had no idea why, having expected it to be open.

Back home we did some cleaning - yes, we still need to do that just like we were at home, just goes a lot faster! I figured a way to get our collapsable ladder back into the front compartment alongside the freezer, which allowed me to free up some space in our other compartments, so I repacked the main compartment and got things a bit better stored.

Diner at home and a quite evening at home tonight.

Friday 2/3

Made a run over to Costco late in the morning to restock our supply of scotch and some over-the-counter meds. Stopped at Beyond Bread for lunch (with leftovers for dinner!). Puttered around the trailer in the afternoon.

There was an excellent show in the rec center this evening Lisa Otey and Diane Van Deurzen. Lisa played a really good keyboard and they both were very good singers. Some really good Gershwin and boogie-woogie. An outstanding show.