Thursday, December 31, 2009

We're in Tucson!

Monday 12/28

Sunday’s trip from OK City to Roswell, NM was uneventful, bare and dry roads all the way. We had planned on stopping in northern NM, but decided to push on to Roswell. The trip south from Clovis would have been pretty boring except for driving toward an absolutely spectacular sunset.

Tuesday 12/29

Change of plans. Snow during the night in southwestern NM., an inch or two here in Roswell, but 3 to 5 inches in the mountains between here and Las Cruces. So we decided to sit tight and wait for better weather. Did some shopping and laundry and got a few last minute things put away in the proper places. Trailer Village Campground in Roswell is nice, with cable TV and nice fast WiFi, so this is a good place to wait out the weather. Plan on heading for Arizona on Wednesday.

Wednesday 12/30

Through Las Cruces and into Arizona today. A short stretch of snow covered roads coming over the mountains south of Ruidoso. Stopped in Bowie, AZ for the night. Bowie is a ghost town, a small village that died when the Interstate bypassed the town, A half dozen abandoned motels and restaurants. Campground is small, but OK and has good WiFI!

Thursday 12/31

Stopped in Wilcox, AZ and gave the truck and trailer a quick wash as they were filthy!

Arrived at Desert Trails in Tucson about 1 PM. This is a fairly large park with 240 RV sites and lots of nice landscaping. Got situated, backed into a good spot looking out over the fish pond from our back window. It was a little tight getting backed in, but the obligatory audience said I did a nice job getting it in there.

Nice neighbors and looks like a nice place to spend the winter. Oh yeah - it is sunny and 64 degrees today! We’ll start exploring Tucson tomorrow when traffic is light for the holiday.

Happy New Year!

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