Friday, March 12, 2010

Real Cowboys, In Florida?

3/7 to 3/12 - We spent the week packing up Dennis’ mothers apartment and getting things ready for her to move into her new place on the assisted living side of the Courtyards. We have long distance movers lined up to take some furniture to her niece’s in upstate NY, local movers to move her across to her new apartment, and a Our Lady of Guadalupe Thrift Shop set up to take all of the things she cannot take with her. It has been a busy week and Nancy has been doing more than her share of the work. We both need a good week of RR on the PHC cruise.

We have managed to get out for a good dinner a couple of times. We had dinner at the Ybor Grille again, and also made it to Anna’s in Wimoma FL for some authentic Mexican fare. We also had lunch at Danny Boys a couple of times.

We had lunch at Anna’s on Thursday and actually ran into a group of real cowboys! Yup, we spent almost two months in Arizona and then we run into a group of cowboys in Florida. When we pulled into Anna’s lot there were several trucks with horse trailers, saddled horses in the them with blanket rolls! Inside were five cowboys - yes, battered hats, scuffed boots with spurs, the whole works! Go figure!

Friday it rained, and it rained. Started during the night and poured rain for several hours, then just a steady light rain all morning. We are getting ready for the PHC cruise. Getting our luggage packed, etc. We leave on Sunday and return on Sunday the 21st. We will have a post then to tell about the trip.

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