Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're at Bristol and it's Hot!!

We had planned on leaving first thing Tuesday morning the 17th, but we were loaded and ready to go Monday afternoon and since Dennis prefers driving at night we decided to take off Monday evening. We went to our regular Monday evening Yoga class and then hooked up and headed out about 10 PM Central time.

As it turns out we were happy about leaving in the evening since there was a fair amount of construction around Indianapolis, which could have been a mess during the middle of the day. We went on through Indy and stopped at our regular Cracker Barrel in Shelbyville, IN.

After a leisurely breakfast we headed on down the road. The trip was uneventful and the weather was good until we got into Tennessee where we ran into a couple of fairly heavy rain showers, heavy enough to slow traffic on I-81. We arrived at the track a little after 5 PM. Did a quick set-up and headed over to the Ridgewood for some Bar-B-Que!! Had to wait about 20 minutes - to many people have been blabbing about how good the food is there!

Our new Winegard Trav’ler satellite dish works great! One button push and it is locked on all three satellites, sure a lot easier than messing around with the portable dish on a tripod.

Whelen Modified and the truck race tonight. It is hot here, cloudy so the temps are only around 80, but the humidity is unusually high for the mountains, so it is pretty uncomfortable walking around these hills. We'll be here until Sunday when we will be heading north to PA.

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