Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turning Cooler, Pics of Ceramics

Friday 1/28

Out for a morning walk in the desert today and then we went over to the SE side to pick up the Volvo where we had some minor body work done at Family Auto Body. It looks really nice with a freshly repainted front bumper!

On the way home we stopped at BK Sonoran Hot Dogs, which, as Nancy says “is just an excuse to drink Coke with real sugar!” They bring the Cokes in from Mexico in real glass Coke bottles made with cane sugar, and they taste like Coke used to taste.

Friday evening Pericles, the owner of Desert Trails stopped by with his aunt from England. He had asked earlier if he could bring her by as she had never seen large American RVs as compared to “caravans” in England.

Saturday 1/29

Getting back into our routine of hiking in the desert every day.

Sunday 1/30

Relaxing morning watching the Sunday AM shows. Another nice day, in the 70’s. Supposed to cool off next week and maybe even rain! Official rainfall YTD is 0.00”!

Had lunch at Coyote Pause.

Monday 1/31

A cloudy day! A real rarity here. Later in the morning we actually had some rain and in some areas it was proceeded by hail! Cloudy off and on, with scattered showers most of the day.

After the morning campground meeting we drove into the University where Nancy had found that the Aveda spas have a school on the campus where manicures, pedicures, facial, etc. are available at really low prices so she made an appointment for a manicure to check it out. Turned out to be a great deal!

While she was doing that Dennis went over to Antigone Books and browsed for a while.

Checked out Beyond Bread for lunch, excellent sandwiches and bread. To bad they are all on the NE side of the city.

Still cool drizzly and cloudy in the afternoon. When we stopped at the office to pay our February rent we asked if we get a refund for rainy days - this is the first one since the first of December!

Tuesday 2/1

A bit cool here today, but nothing like what is going on in much of the country! Supposed to have a hard freeze here the next three nights with daily highs in the forties, still bright and sunny though.

Nancy went to the quilting class today to finish up here “table topper”. Dennis went across to the east side and picked up the ceramic pieces that we all painted last week at Color Me Mine. They all came out pretty nice:

Here is Nancy’s bowl,

Nancy’s expresso cup and saucer,

Joan’s spoon rests,

Dennis’ teapot,

and our garden gnome - Elfbert! All three of us worked on this one.

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