Monday, March 28, 2011

Williamsburg and Cold Weather

Thursday 3/24

Took Nancy into town to a laundromat this morning and Mr Thompson called about 10:45 and said he had the trailer parts in hand and was on his way to the campground. They arrived about 11:45 and went right to work. Fortunately our BigFoot leveling system allows me to lift the rig into the air with all 8 tires off the ground.

They finished the repair work around 2:30 and we loaded up and headed for Williamsburg. Arrived at American Heritage RV Park about 5:45. Very nice destination campground with good WiFi. Lots of trees so our satellite dish is struggling to get all of the HD stations, but we can get them all in non-HD, the campground has a good cable hook-up, and our bat wing antenna is picking up something like 40 over-the -air stations!. Of course I managed to screw up and missed the F1 practice Thursday night because I programmed Speed HD on the satellite box! Oh well, win some lose some.

Dinner here at home Thursday evening.

Friday 3/25

Up early Friday morning and headed over to Colonial Williamsburg. Spent the entire day there. I won’t go into a lot of detail about what we saw, toured a number of buildings and businesses, suffice to say we’re glad we bought a two day pass as we will be back on Saturday!

Had lunch in the Trellis Restaurant in the shopping area between the historic district and the College of William and Mary. A lot of the places to eat are sandwich shops with outside seating, which would have been fine if it had been a bit warmer, but we wanted to get inside. Turned out well as lunch was excellent and reasonably priced.

Weather has turned a bit nasty, cold for the season. A high of only 50 today, but it was sunny most of the day and the sun was warm. We layered and were very comfortable all day. Sunday is supposed to be the coldest of the weekend with rain and snow flurries!

Dinner tonight at The Whaling Company, a seafood restaurant recommended by the campground owner. Pretty good dinner, but nothing really spectacular.

Saturday 3/26

Up early again, watched the F1 qualifying on tape while we were eating breakfast, then off to Colonial Williamsburg again. Caught an excellent presentation by a Thomas Jefferson re-enactor who did really outstanding job. A half hour speech followed by 20 to 25 minutes of extemporaneous responses to questions from the audience which were as detailed and involved as the original speech - quite an impressive performance.

A bit colder today and cloudier so we did not have the advantage of the warming sun today - we dressed a bit warmer and were very comfortable all day.

Visited several more other shops and houses. Of particular note were the wheel wright, blacksmith, cabinet maker, and weaver. We visited the weaver’s shop both days as they were doing different things: Friday they were explaining spinning cotton and wool, Saturday the dying of fabric, both of which were quite interesting.

Finished up our tour of Colonial Williamsburg about 2 PM and stopped for lunch at our favorite chain restaurant (you figure it out!). Stopped at a small outlet mall and Nancy picked up a pair of shoes at Easy Spirit and I checked out the Black and Decker store, but nothing caught my eye. Quite a number of outlets here, but nothing we were really interested in. Back home and relaxed.

Excellent dinner tonight at The Seafair. A very uniquely decorated restaurant, somewhat of a throwback to a fifties supper club with a nautical theme, leather banquets, nice tablecloths, attentive wait staff. The food was outstanding! Nancy had very nice crab cakes and I had the blackened grouper special. A nice bottle of wine and it was a very enjoyable meal in pleasant surroundings - and cheaper than last night’s dinner with two beers!

Sunday 3/27

Really yucky weather this morning - low 30’s, rain mixed with occasional snow showers. We decided to relax and stay home today. Watched the AM news shows, and the F1 race from Australia on tape. Then we made a quick run out to WalMart for some supplies and watched the Indy car race from St Petersburg and the NASCAR race from California. (Why in the world did they go to Las Vegas, then an off week, then Bristol, TN, then California, and then to Martinsville, VA next week - someone has their head up their butt!)

Along with watching the races we were researching places to stay between Charlottesville, VA (heading there Monday) and Lexington, KY. There is a dearth of convenient campgrounds in West Virginia. Some are not open until April 1st, some are way to far off the highway into the mountains. Finally settled on a stop along the way and a place in Lexington. Pizza at home tonight.

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