Friday, December 9, 2011

Better Weather is Here

A bit late with this post due to computer issues, but it's back in business now!

Thursday 12/1/11

A very unusual day for Tucson, cloudy and spitting rain most of the day, became a light rain late in the afternoon. High temperature was still around 60 degrees though, so not to bad really. Nancy has come down with a cold so she pretty much took it easy today. Dennis took a run to the Walgreens in the AM to pick up some cold medicines for her. The afternoon was spent relaxing and reading.

Dennis finished one book and took a walk over to the campground library to leave the old book and find a new one. The library has really shaped up well, we helped in the planning and initial construction in January 2010, and it has turned out to be a very nice amenity - well maintained and well stocked.

Friday 12/2

Still cloudy and cool. We pretty much stayed home and relaxed. Dennis went into Tucson to Beyond Bread to pick up lunch. Dennis’ laptop has conked out! It has been acting up for a couple of days and this morning it refused to turn on. No appointments available at the Apple store today, so we made one for Saturday.

Saturday 12/3

Still very cool weather, 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day. Nancy is still feeling punk, but we went into the Apple store, which of course is way over on the NE side of the city. Turns out the laptop needs a new video card and there is a campaign on those. So, even though they also have to replace the logic board, there will be no charge for the repair! Would have cost over $500 if not for the campaign! Nice to get lucky once in a while. After Apple we stopped at Schlomo’s & Vito’s NY Deli for lunch. Our reward for going all the way to the NE side. Good sandwiches that are large enough to take half home for dinner.

Sunday 12/4

Relaxing around home and a short walk around the campground. Nancy is recovering from her cold, but now Dennis has caught it, so not much going on!

Monday 12/5

Nancy went to the Monday morning campground meeting while Dennis slept late. The RV park has “adopted” a stretch of Bopp Rd. just south of here to keep it clean. We had signed up for the team to go out and pick up trash this AM, but Dennis wimped out and Nancy went and fulfilled our obligation. She spent about an hour with the crew.

Tuesday 12/6

Shopping day today, we stopped at Target and then over to the east side to the new Costco store, which coincidentally is right up the street from the In N’ Out Burger! Which we naturally took advantage of.

Wednesday 12/7

Now Dennis is down with the cold! Nancy is recovering, but we pretty much stuck around home and relaxed. As cold as it has been at night, we have run through a tank of propane, so we switched over to the other tank and Dennis took the truck and ran in to get the empty one refilled. Barnetts Propane is just the other side of the Tucson Mountains, so it is one of the places we can get to easily.

Thursday 12/8

We are both recovered well enough to get out first thing this morning and head off to Tucson Yoga for regular class. We both felt great afterwards, we needed that - to much sitting around for the last week. After class we stopped at the Food Conspiracy on Fourth St to stock up on healthy food. Weather has improved, bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky! Looks like highs in the sixties all this week.

Friday 12/9

Both feeling better so we are able to get out and get with the program. Nancy went over to the activities room first thing this AM for the campground craft show. Picked up a few items. The we went over to the Fourth St Winter Street Fair, which is a huge arts and crafts fair. We spent several hours there and walked the full length of both side a of the booths, which are back to back in the center of the street. Also had lunch at a couple of the food booths and listened to the Tucson HS Steel Drum Band while we were eating.

Dennis called the Apple store and his computer is ready, so we headed up that way. Along the way we stopped at Sarnoff Art to pick up some ink for Nancy’s pen. She had sent her mother’s Waterman pen off to an antique pen specialist in New Hampshire to have refurbished after much searching for someone who could repair it. Now the question was, where do you buy ink these days? Well Sarnoff Art had a great selection.

The we stopped at Beyond Bread and picked up a couple of loaves for sandwiches before we got to the Apple store. After picking up the laptop we stopped at Trader Joe’s, which is right down the street from the shopping center with the Apple store - what a coincidence.

Went to Coyote Pause for dinner, our first visit there this year.

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