Monday, November 11, 2013

On The road Again

Headed for Denver
Thursday 11/7/13

Going to stop in Denver for a couple of weeks to help with the new babies. For those of you who are not up on the family saga (family members can skip this part), our niece Emily and her husband Greg were living in Boston. They have a little boy, Miles, who just turned two and she was pregnant with twins, due in late Oct.

They decided to move to Denver so she could be closer to to her mother, Nancy’s sister. Greg was looking to join a different medical group, so he found a position in Denver and they went to Denver at the end of August and started looking for a house. Then the twins decided to arrive a month early, Sept. 27!

Since then Nancy and her sister Joan, along with Greg’s Mom have been taking turns going to Denver and helping with the babies (and the toddler!).

So we are going to spend a couple of weeks in Denver helping out. Emily & Greg have purchased a beautiful home near her parents house and are in the process of getting moved in.

Left home about 10:30 AM on Thursday. Weather was great and the only fly in the ointment was the new radio I purchased a year ago July decided not to work at all. It was working fine when I parked the truck in August, now it is dead! So, no music or Sirius during the trip to Denver.

Campgrounds are few and far between in Iowa this time of year, so we planned on doing a Cracker Barrel overnight, either Des Moines or Council Bluffs depending on the timing. We made it to Council Bluffs a little after 8 PM and had dinner, then turned in.

Friday 11/8

Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and back on the road around 9. Uneventful day, still nice weather. Hit Country View campground in Ogallala, NE by mid-afternoon and relaxed a bit, did some grocery shopping and had a quiet evening. Nice campground very close to I-80, good overnight stop.

Saturday 11/9

Third day of nice traveling weather, sure wish we had a working radio though. Arrived at Cherry Creek Sate Park about 2 PM. We bought an annual Colorado Park pass last spring when we were here so we are good for park access through next April. Only need to pay for the camping. Speaking of which, I did not make reservations as the park is not very full this time of year. When you make an on-line reservation you pay for the whole thing at once. When you do  “walk-up” you can only pay for two days at a time! So I need to stop at the office every other day and ay for two more days - for two weeks!

Spent the evening with the family, the babies are just as cute as can be and Miles has turned into a little boy since the last time I saw him (Nancy was here a week ago).

Sunday 11/10

Uneventful day with the family, learning how to feed babies! Got a good look at the kids new house, it is really nice, a newly rehabbed 19th century home with plenty of room for a growing family.

Monday 11/11

Stopped in the campground office to pay for the next two days and they said we need to move you to Coyote Loop since we are closing the one you are in today at Noon! WHAT!? I told them on Saturday we were staying for 14 days and they put me in Pioneer loop. I also told them that I could not move today as I had family commitments all day. Then the other office person said they are not closing the loop until tomorrow. Does anyone know what they are doing here? 

So I asked what space they want me to move to on Tuesday morning and they said they could not tell me until tomorrow morning. What a poorly managed place. There will be a serious stink if there is not a space for us tomorrow.

Worked my a** off today. Tom Britt - Greg’s father - and I spent the entire day assembling IKEA furniture. A bed, a chest of drawers (which took over four hours by itself!), two cribs and a bookcase. I guess you save some money buying IKEA, but the assembly is a nightmare. I’ll be sleeping good tonight.

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