Monday, January 6, 2014

Back in Arizona and Late with a Post (Hi Joan)

Thursday 12/26

Man it was cold in Chicago! Four below the morning of the 24th. Also had snow, but not a lot, just a dusting every couple of days. Good thing since we determined that the Z rated tired on the BMW are absolutely worthless in snow!

Took our time closing up the house as our flight was not until late in evening. Took the train into the city and spent a couple of hours at the Art Institute (that's when our membership pays off, since we get in free and can check our bags for free) and then took the L to Midway Airport. Flight left 45 minutes late but arrived in Tucson on time - 11:45 PM.

Friday 12/27

Did some grocery shopping in the AM and then stopped at Beyond Bread for lunch (and dinner!). On the way home we stopped at Central Pet and picked up Margo. Karen and Gary are in Minnesota until the 30th, so we will take care of Margo over the weekend.

Good victory from the Blackhawks to night.

Saturday 12/28

Not a lot going on today, took a walk with Margo and pretty  much relaxed. Late in the afternoon we drove up to Oro Valley north of Tucson to meet friend’s for dinner. A fellow I used to work with and his wife who recently moved to Mirana from the Chicago area. Had dinner at Harvest in Oro Valley, pretty good place, but a bit far away for us.

Sunday 12/29

Finally got out for a short hike in the desert this AM, first since December 14th! Did not get a lot of walking in Geneva due to the cold and ice. Took Margo with us this morning.

Watched last night’s Hawks game on the DVR this morning, good game but they lost in a shoot-out after having 3-0 and 5-3 leads. Going to be pretty tough to get past the Blues in the playoffs, the Hawks are 0-3 against them so far this season.

Another quiet day at home, a couple of walks with the dog. Pizza for dinner and watching TV.

Monday 12/30

Morning meeting in the RV park and then I took a propane tank into Tucson to the Barnett's Propane to have the jammed valve replaced (see 11/27 in Albuquerque for details).

Karen and Gary got back this afternoon and Margo was really happy to see them. We really enjoyed have Margo here, she is such a nice, gentle dog.

After they picked her up we went into town to do some grocery shopping and then stopped at Taco Giro for dinner. Pericles (owner of Desert Trails) had recommended it and he was right, another very good Mexican restaurant, and not too far away.

Back home the Blackhawks played a great game against LA and got Anti Rantta his first NHL shut-out.

Tuesday 12/31

Quick trip up to the Desert Museum this morning. Renewed our membership and spent some time in the hummingbird house and the gift shop. Back home Nancy did laundry and I went across the mountains to pick up the repaired and refilled propane tank. Also stopped at BK and picked up lunch to bring back home.

Nancy spent the afternoon baking a cake and cooking a bag of baked potatoes for the group dinner this evening.

Wednesday 1/1/14

Wow! 2014 already, seems like only yesterday we had our shorts in a knot about Y2K!  

Had a nice dinner in the rec hall last night, enjoyed meeting some new folks here for their first winter.

Year end climatic data for Tucson shows we are still in a drought here: 8.5” of rain compared to the normal amount of just under 12”. The cacti out in the desert around here seem to have appreciated the rain in November though, the saguaros in particular are swollen with water.

Nice walk in the desert this AM, another morning with a cloudless blue sky. Watched the Rose Bowl parade while we were eating breakfast. 

Our friend’s Reed and Angel arrived this morning. They had left their fifth wheel here last spring, but then had it sent out for a new paint job. It was delivered back a few days ago and I could see that he was going to want to  move it closer to the building beside their spot when they got here so I had the truck ready to go. Another slick parking job! Put it right where he wanted it first try.

Watched the first half of the Winter classic hockey game from Ann Arbor and then set the DVR for the rest and went down to the Fry’s grocery in Sahuarita for the 10% first day of the month geezer discount. There are closer Fry’s, but the one there is the nicest in the area. It’s 25 miles away, mostly expressway. Since I had the truck running already we took that to give it some exercise - more comfortable than the smart at 75 MPH anyway!

Dinner at home and relaxed.

Thursday 1/2

Off to Tucson Yoga first thing this morning, then a stop at Food Conspiracy and Antigone Books. Ordered Rick Steve's Northern European Cruise Ports book. It was cheaper on Amazon even with shipping, but we like to do our part to keep independent book sellers in business!  Quiet afternoon at home, Blackhawks lost tonight - good game against the Islanders, but not enough enthusiasm in the second period!

Friday 1/3

Morning walk in the desert. Nancy went to the soup and salad luncheon for December & January birthdays. I cleaned out our main storage compartment, took everything out and sorted through it, swept it out and repacked everything. Still looking for the spare brackets for our ceiling fan that broke on the way down here from rough roads. We had picked up some spare blades from an RV scrap yard last year and have not been able to find the brackets! Thought they might be at home, but they were not. not in the main storage either.

Later in the afternoon I cleaned out the overhead cabinets at the back inside and - eureka! - they they were! Knew I had them somewhere, so we have our ceiling fan back in operation.

Dinner at home and the Blackhawks played a much better game tonight ad won.

Saturday 1/4

Morning walk in desert, a bit overcast today. Nancy did some laundry and that was about the extent of what we accomplished today! Watched some football and a movie. We really need to get going and do something to make this blog more interesting!

Sunday 1/5

A bit chilly out in the desert this AM, about 37 degrees, not bad compared to home though! Watched CBS Sunday Morning as usual, then some football. Had dinner from the Serial Grillers food truck right here in the park, and then watched the Blackhawks lose in a shoot-out, which is more than they deserved considering had poorly they played defense! Cory Crawford gets 100% of the credit for the one point they earned.

Hawks game was interrupted by Downton Abby of course and we watched the last period on the DVR.

Monday 1/6

Monday Am meeting, they had a drawing for a meal from Rolling Wok, the food truck coming on Wednesday and Nancy won a combo plate.

We received a Beyond Bread gift card from Margo (actually I think it came from Karen and Gary since I do not think Margo’s hand writing is that good) as a thank you for picking her up from the kennel and dog sitting the weekend between Christmas and New Years. So we headed over there at lunchtime and had a free lunch, stopped at Trader Joe’s and then Penzy’s Spices, and Pep Boys to pick up a new Kozak  for the car since I had left my old ones at home. Probably time for a new one anyway. I have used these since the 60's and they are great for keeping your car clean, especially in a dusty environment like it is around here.

Back home and relaxed the rest of the day, Nancy studied some Spanish for Wednesday’s class.

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