Friday, February 21, 2014

Really Heating Up in the Desert!

Friday 2/14

Happy Valentines Day! Mother nature cooked up a hot one today, 89 degrees on our thermometer, which is not in the sun at any time of the day!

Olympic hockey has started. I have been recording all the games, but we have only watched a couple. Watched all of the first US game and Canada’s first and second games. US plays Russia tomorrow morning for their second game. Both teams looking good.

Before it got too warm this morning, and while I still had some shade, I put Dri Wash N’ Guard on the rest of the lower half of the trailer and washed the back windows. Now we just have to wait for some rain to see if our new rain gutter works out.

Nancy did a bunch of housework while I was outside and then she studied Spanish for a while. Ended the afternoon sitting outside in the shade with a nice light breeze.

Off to Wilbur’s Bar & Grille for the Valentines Day dinner with the Ellington Band - a fund raiser for their upcoming European tour.

And it was an excellent evening, a fund raiser for the Tucson Jazz Institute. Before and during the buffet dinner there was a five piece group from the Ellington Band playing; then the Basie Band, which is middle school students played a set and they were excellent; they were followed by the Kenton/Rich Band which is fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. That group was excellent as well, although they did not have the power of the other two bands.

Finally the full Ellington Band closed out the evening with a set of standard big band arrangements. So the music went from 6:30 to close to 10 PM.

Saturday 2/15

Watched the US - Russia hockey game this AM and then went in to the Pima Library on Mission Rd to see what they had in the way of travel books - turns out not much.

Lunch at Taco Grio and a stop at the grocery store, then home to relax. Hit 90 degrees here on out thermometer!

 Sunday 2/16

Planned on watching the US hockey game this morning, but for some unknown reason the DVR decided to skip it on it’s own! Good thing it was not an important game!

Watched CBS Sunday Morning as usual and then ran over to Costco to do some quick shopping. Then lunch at Beyond Bread and a stop at the main public library to see what they had available, which was not much. Turns out the books float throughout their system and stay in the branch where they were returned, so the main location downtown is a bit thin on the shelves.

Nancy registered for a library card and we took one book on SW England and ordered another. They will deliver it to the branch of our choice, so it will come to the Mission  location. Seems like a pretty good system for a library with multiple far-flung locations.

Nancy and Joan had picked up a really nice cool-max type shirt for me at an outlet store on Ajo for $14. I tried it yesterday and it was really comfortable on a very hot day. So we stopped today and there were two left on the rack! Bought both of them. Not bad, two polo shirts for $28.

Back home we watched the Canadians play Finland, than our regular Sunday evening fare on PBS.

Monday 2/17

Up early and out for a short hike before the Monday morning meeting. We passed on the bike ride due to the heat. Did some putzing around the trailer. I emptied out two of our storage bins to loan to Gary and Karen. They have bought a new fifth wheel - a REALLY nice one! - and are packing up to move their stuff. Gave me a chance to clean out the bins as well.

In the afternoon Nancy did her Spanish homework while I worked on our upcoming windmill presentation for the May Brown Bag Lunch at the Geneva History Center

We went to Beyond Bread for dinner and then over to Centennial Hall at the U of A for one of the lectures in the Evolving Brain series. We missed the first three for various reasons. They had a huge crowd, packed house, and it was an interesting lecture. The next one is the first Monday in March.

Tuesday 2/18

Skipped our morning walk as Nancy is fighting a bit of a cold. Today we were supposed to use our truck to move the tables from the rec hall to the picnic area for tomorrow’s picnic. Ran into a conflict with the sewing group who needs the table for their meeting today, so we will have to move them later. Decided to wait until 6 PM after it cools off a bit.

Spent most of the day watching Olympic hockey. Finally broke down and turned the AC on this afternoon. It was hot and I thought it would be a good idea to exercise it a bit, cannot remember the last time it was on.

Wednesday 2/19

Well, I watched four hockey games today! Nancy had her Spanish class this morning so she only got to watch about three and a half.

Park recycling picnic today. Turned out to be perfect weather, not as hot and sunny as it had been, high 70’s with light cloud cover, quite comfortable. We had a really big turnout and our table got called in a reasonable time this year. Last year we were the absolute last table called up and the year before we very close to last.

That about covers the day - four hockey games take a big chunk of time.

Thursday 2/20

Quiet day. Nancy is a bit under the weather so she slept late. I spent the morning working on our History Center brown bag project on the Fabyan Windmill. Finally finished the outline, now I have to work on editing it. We only have an hour and I’m betting I have two hours worth of material.

Nancy went and had a pedicure this afternoon and I turned on the TV to see what was on the Olympics and the women’s gold medal game was just starting (the replay) so I watched that. More men’s hockey tomorrow.

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