Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rain in Desert

Saturday 12/26

Spent a quiet day at home again today. Stayed cold all day, never got out of the 40’s with a cold wind. Low this AM was 32. Supposed to be in the high 20’s tonight. Nancy spent some more time working on her Spanish. I did a couple of minor maintenance items.

When we were getting ready to leave Geneva I had a problem getting the fresh water pump to work. Switched over to an old pump that I have kept as a spare. Turned out it was an issue with the supply line from the fresh tank. The old pump has worked fine the couple of cold nights that we used it, but tonight when I disconnected the park water the pump kind of wimped out, so I ran out quick and switched the pumps back. Working fine now. Still need to re-mount the pump. Round tuits seem to be scarce this winter!

Sunday 12/27

Laid around as usual for a while, then headed into town. We had an appointment to meet Sara, one of the directors of the Tucson Festival of Books at Beyond Bread for a training session on our new job at the festival. Last summer we had agreed to be “liaisons” for a group of volunteers, (apparently I cannot spell “liaison, even though I are one!) the “Surprise Me” category which is people who will fill in where there are shortages. There had been three training sessions for the liaisons, but we missed them due to our late arrival in Tucson this winter. One more session coming up next month. 

We went in early, made a stop at Target, then Trader Joe’s, followed by Total Wine & Liquor to replenish our whiskey supply. Then to Beyond Bread for lunch before meeting Sara. Turned out the WiFi was only working intermittently, but we struggled through.

Back home to watch the Blackhawks tank for the second game in a row - they came within 3 seconds of being shut out twice in a row!

Monday 12/28

Since we arrived here, and even on the trip down, the weather had been looking better back home and in the NE than it was here. Now Arizona is looking pretty good, even if it is colder than normal. Really feeling sorry for the folks suffering through tornados, floods and blizzards.

Skipped the morning meeting this week, not a lot going on due to the holiday. The park population is a bit light due to folks who went home for Christmas. I made it over to the gym to do 10 minutes on the stationary bike this morning and Nancy studied a lot of Spanish. 

Later in the afternoon Nancy went to a yoga class here at the park, my foot is not quite there yet. Doing really well though, I have quit using the boot all together.

Tuesday 12/29

Off to physical therapy early this morning, had an appointment at 8:30 AM. Back home and took the first real walk I have had since my injury, just around the park on the pavement, but a big step ahead.

Yesterday on the Diane Ream show on NPR there was a repeat of an interview with Judy Collins and they played a song from an album she released in July - Strangers Again. It was a duet on “When I Go” with Willie Nelson. A really good song. Hit iTunes and bought album of duets with a number of different singers.

Blackhawks game this evening, hope things improve! And they did, highest scoring game of the season, in spite of the worst referee in the league!

Wednesday 12/30

Nancy’s Spanish class was cancelled today so we headed into town. Stopped at the Container Store to investigate storage container and racks. We are planning to store a fair amount of “stuff” in the garage in the new house and everything needs to come out of the cardboard boxes they are currently in. Cannot store anything in cardboard around here due to scorpions and other bugs. Found some things that we think will work.

Then we stopped at REI and Nancy picked up a new pair of hiking boots and then Total Wine for a couple of bottles of Prosecco. Then we tried out a new place for lunch, Roma Cafe. Andrea, the manager of Desert Trails told Nancy about it and it was a great spot. Out of the way and hard to find, but an amazing assortment of deli meats and Italian food for eating there or taking home, fresh or frozen. We will definitely be back there again!

Thursday 12/31

I had a therapy appointment this afternoon. Tim worked quite a while on loosening up my ankle joint and it is amazing! Need to get him to do that to all the rest of the joints in my body!

The RV park has a big dinner and dance in the rec hall for New Years eve. We have gone in the past, it is nice, but crowded. This year we were invited to join a group of folks from our area of the park that were putting together their own smaller group for dinner. About 30 people, nicer and more convivial. They bought lasagna and everything else was pot luck - and everything was delicious! Nice evening. I slipped out a bit early to watch the Blackhawks game, Nancy stayed until around 9:30.

Friday 1/1/16

Happy New year to all! We had a quiet morning, Nancy studied, I went to the gym and did 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Trying to do that every day to get my ankle loosened up and get some strength back in it. 

Watched the first two periods of the NHL Winter Classic in Boston, then made a run into town to the grocery store. Otherwise not much happening.

Saturday 1/2/16

First Saturday at H. F. Coors. Nancy and two of her friends from the RV Park went over. Nancy picked up a couple nice dishes for use in the trailer. Then she
spent a good part of the day studying her Spanish.

Nancy’s sister Joan arrived this afternoon, this year she is staying for the whole month of January. She has rented a house in the Foothills, same area we are looking at for the new house. Nancy is pleased. After Joan got settled we went to BK Tacos for dinner and then relaxed.

I’m trying to get my butt in gear and go to the gym and use the stationary bike every day in order to keep my ankle flexible. The ankle is rapidly improving, faster than I expected, thanks to Tim at Agility Therapy.

Sunday 1/3/16

In the morning Nancy and Joan went into Trader Joe’s and stopped at Beyond Bread for a take out lunch which they brought home. 

In the afternoon the three of us drove around The Foothills so Joan could see the area we are looking at. We also looked at the houses and lots that are for sale, there are a number of lots that look “doable” if they can be had for the right price. We plan on looking at lots Herder Building has available later in the week..

Back home in time for the Blackhawks game - another shutout for Cory Crawford. And of course for the first episode of Downton Abbey!

Monday 1/4

Skipped the Monday meeting again, Angel , our friend and favorite massage therapist arrived late last week at Justin's Diamond J, the RV park right next to ours, and started doing massages this week. Nancy had an appointment at 9:00 and Joan had one at 10:30. 

Joan had ordered Comcast in her rental unit for the month and when we hooked up the box Saturday night it did not work. Seems they failed to make the connection outside when the tech came in December. Tech was schedule this AM so I went over to cover while Joan came back to the park for her massage. Tech was there when I arrived and quickly had the problem fixed.

After I got back I made a run to fill a propane tank. Weather has turned cool again today. Last week we had lows around 30 and highs in the 50’s. Over the weekend it was high 60’s - low 70’s and sunny. Today clouded over with light rain and high in the 40’s. What seems like light rain to us is heavy for the locals. They get just over 11” a year, prediction this week is for 1.5”!

Pizza and pasta at home with Joan this evening.

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