Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doing the Tourist Thing

1/5 - Spent the day at the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum, an really neat combination of a zoo and a botanical garden in Tucson Mountain Park. Late in the afternoon we took a quick spin through part of Saguaro National Forest and then home, 75 degrees today!

1/6 - Up early and took a long walk in the desert just after dawn. The desert is really pretty at sunrise, the sun just lighting up the tops of the mountains and the tops of the Saguaro.

After breakfast we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Really interesting place, but the highlight for Dennis was the SR-71,

since he built the fuel controls for the SR-71 and YF-12 at Bendix Corp in the late 60’s. All kinds of planes both indoors and out, including a B-36 and three B-52s! Hey John - I also got a picture of a TWA Constellation!

Lunch at a new In ‘N Out Burger, then we took a ride around the NE side of the city up through Oro Valley and then back home through the Saguaro National Forest. Beautiful sunset over the mountains this evening, we went up on the observation deck here in the park to view the sunset. The deck is 35 feet high and there is a 360 view of the whole valley, you can see all the way to the mountains in both directions.

1/7 - Up early so we could drive into the city for a class at Tucson Yoga. Turns out rush hour here -- isn’t. Twenty minutes to get to the other side of town! Good yoga class, and then we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. This is a delightful place, kind of a hidden gem right in the city. A really neat butterfly house exhibit and a wide variety of plantings. Then we had a late lunch at La Fuente. Back home and I finally got around to unloading the bicycles. They needed a bit of cleaning up since some of the salt spray from the trip penetrated the bag, but not as bad as it would have been without it! Still around 75 degrees every day! We sure have lucked out on the weather so far!

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