Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family in Town for the Weekend

1/27 - Pretty much hung around the campground today after our walk in the desert. Nothing of any interest to report.

1/28 - Off to Tucson Yoga in the morning and then a stop at the Food Conspiracy. Nancy’s sister Joan drove in from Phoenix this morning after visiting a friend there. She will fly back to Chicago on Sunday. We met her at the Cracker Barrel north of Tucson and had lunch. Then we stopped at the Starr Pass Golf Suites to get her registered. A very nice cassita with living room and full kitchen for a quite reasonable rate, especially since the Tucson Gem Show show starts this weekend. Joan came back home with us and went with us on our daily walk in the desert. We stopped back at Joan’s cassita to do some laundry and then had dinner at El Charro.

1/29 - Joan came over to the campground to have a hot rock massage, then we went to In N’ Out Burger for lunch. Nancy’s other sister Connie and her husband flew in from Denver this AM. They will be staying with a friend here in Tucson for the weekend.

We met Connie, Laurie, and Glenda at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Spent the afternoon walking around the exhibits. After a brief stop at our campground to pick up some whiskey we went back to Joan’s cassita for cocktails and the to El Charro for dinner (yes, two nights in a row! I have to stop eating like this!). Turns out Garrison Keillor had dinner here tonight as well, although we did not see him.

1/30 - A lot of running around today to coordinate things between six people staying in three different places. Connie and Laurie woke up to a flat tire on their rental car, so after changing the tire to a temporary spare they had to run back to the airport and swap cars. Nancy and Joan made a run to the grocery store while Dennis sat on his butt and chilled!

Nancy, Joan & Dennis had lunch at the Catalina Steakhouse in the Shell Golf Suites. Then we met the rest of the crew at Glenda’s house on the NE side of the city and went up to the Western National Parks Assoc. Headquarters to a Mata Ortiz pottery show. Some really nice pottery and rugs on display and for sale.

The whole group had dinner at La Fuente. Yes, pigging out on Mexican again!

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