Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rock & Gem Show, CPR Class and APHC

1/31 - Dennis is down with a cold, Nancy had breakfast with Joan at Coyote Pause before Joan had to leave for Phoenix to catch her flight home. We just relaxed at home today. Not much more activity on Monday, went to the weekly campground meeting and then grocery shopping. Made like slugs the rest of the day. Guess we are finally getting out of the tourist mode and relaxing a bit.

2/2 - We went to two different Rock and Gem shows at Electric Park. It was quite interesting walking around looking at a lot of rocks. There were all kinds of rocks and gems, petrified wood, geodes, etc. Add to that booths with tie-dye clothing, all kinds of jewelry, tools and equipment for making jewelry, and even a huge tent full of materials for making your own jewelry. More varieties of things than we could have ever imagined, and these are just two of the forty-two rock and gem shows around the city this month! Yes, that is forty-two! Lunch at In & Out Burger again. Back home and did some maintenance. Dennis changed the seals on the toilet, a much easier job than he had anticipated. The hardest part was getting into that tiny bathroom on his hands and knees! We ordered an antenna for the WiFi connection Friday night from Data Alliance and it arrived today. Fairly easy hook-up once we struggled through the computer geek part of the deal. It improved our WiFi signal and speed considerably.

2/3 - We finally got back out in the desert for our morning walk, between spending time with family and both of us having colds we had not been out walking since Friday. Another relaxing day and then we went to the University Medical Center for a class on Continuous Chest Compression CPR put on by the Sarver Heart Center. It was an excellent class and both of us now feel very confident about being able to perform Continuous Chest Compression CPR. Medical experts have determined that chest compression is much more important than assisting with breathing in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Since the lungs and bloodstream are already fully charged with oxygen the most important thing is to keep that blood pumping until medical help arrives. Since most of us are rarely more than 15 minutes away from medical help, Continuous Chest Compression CPR might just keep someone alive. Assisted breathing would still be needed in cases of respiratory failure like drowning or drunkenness. We recommend that everyone take a class when the opportunity presents itself.

After the class we stopped for dinner at Mosaic Cafe, yet one more excellent Mexican restaurant. The fact is, we have not come across a bad one yet!

2/4 - Off to Tucson Yoga for our Thursday yoga class, then we stopped at Elements in Balance on Fourth Ave so Nancy could make an appointment for a pedicure.

Back home Sue and John Donovan stopped by to take a look at the deck on our Volvo. They have a similar Volvo and are awaiting delivery of their New Horizons fiver before they will be head off to full time RVing. They are thinking about purchasing a smart car and loading it on their Volvo. Good luck Sue and John, hope to see you on the road sometime.

We bought tickets for tonights live HD movie theatre broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion and needed to print our ticket. We don’t have a printer with us, so we stopped at the local Pima County Library where we were able to get on line, access our e-mail account and print the ticket.

Then it was off to the El Con 20 to see the show. We got there a bit early and planned on walking through the El Con Mall until showtime - oops, the mall was virtually deserted, we walked through and did not see one store still in business! The show itself was excellent and the live HD broadcast was better than being there in person. They are going to do an encore of the show February 9th, so check on the Prairie Home Companion website, find a showing near you and go see it, you won’t be sorry. After the movie we stopped at good old In N’ Out Burger for a bite to eat and then back home by 9:30 - geezers are us!

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