Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in Tucson

Saturday 1/1/11

Well, it was warmer in Chicago on Friday that it was in Tucson! We came back anyway, and by Saturday the 42 degrees when we arrived here was better than the 25 we left in Chicago.

Definitely a cold snap here in Tucson, we had to disconnect our water hose the first three nights back as it was dropping below freezing. Good thing we keep at least a half tank of fresh water on board for back up.

Uneventful flight and we arrived back at Desert Trails about 3:30 Saturday afternoon.

Sunday 1/2

A bit too chilly for a desert walk this morning - 25 degrees! - so we relaxed and watched the Sunday AM news shows and just took a walk around the campground later in the day. Had to make a run to the grocery store of course to get stocked back up. The trailer survived the 18 days just fine with no issues. Apparently it has been chilly and windy while we were gone.

Monday 1/3

Monday morning meeting at the campground and then got our walk in before we made a run over to the Food Conspiracy to pick up some additional items not available in the regular stores. Then just relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday 1/4

We needed to take the truck in for an estimate on some work so we were over on the SE side of the city late in the morning. A little too early for lunch at the In ‘N Out Burger so we took a short ride around the east side of Davis Monthan Air Force base. There are an incredible number of Air Force planes mothballed and being scrapped. Row after row of planes, they cover acres and acres around the east side of the base.

Wednesday 1/5

Decided to go up to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum this morning. We wanted to get there in time for a tour at 9 AM so we had to leave by 8:30, no problem except I had to scrape ice off the windshield of the smart - Oh the horror!!

Then it turned out that there are no morning tours the first Wednesday of the month! So we spent some time in the hummingbird exhibit, which was neat as there were very few people there and if you just remained stationary you started to see a lot of activity from the birds. This alos gave us a chance to see the 10 AM free flying raptor show which we had not seen before and that was well worth the visit.

Back home by lunchtime and just vegetated in the afternoon since Dennis is fighting a mild cold.

Nancy is going to check out the Mah Jong group this evening. We’ll see how that goes.

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