Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not a Lot Going On

Wow, I did not realize it had been so long since I posted. Here's the latest update:

Thursday 1/6

Off to our weekly yoga class at Tucson Yoga this morning. Even when we don’t really feel like getting out and going, it always feels better after we do! A quick stop for some groceries and back home again where Dennis found a message on the Escapees forum from one of the HDT guys asking where we were in Tucson as they are at Justin’s Diamond J RV Park. Well, that park is right next door to where we are! The two parks butt right up against each other. So we took a walk over to say hello to Larry (“Still Working”). He was preparing to head to Kitt Peak for the evening program, so we just had a brief chat.

Went back to Perfecto’s for dinner and had an excellent meal. The place is not much to look at, but the service is friendly and the food is really good.

Back home and watched a couple of movies.

Friday 1/7

Slow start this morning, Dennis is getting over a cold so we are taking it easy today.

Saturday 1/8

Dennis is really under the weather today, so we are just vegging. Spent a good part of the day watching local TV coverage of the terrible shootings here in Tucson. We are on the other side of the Tucson Mountains from where the shootings occurred.

Took a walk around the campground in the afternoon and that was about it.

Sunday 1/9

Dennis is feeling better today, but we still just relaxed, watched the Sun AM news shows and the football game. Another walk around the campground today and tonight we are listening to the Blackhawks game on-line.

Monday 1/10

So now both of us are a bit under the weather. Dennis’ cold seems to have morphed into a sinus infection and Nancy is trying to fight off the cold.

As a result our activities have beed limited to short walks around the campground.

Tuesday 1/11

Those of you up north can take solace in the fact that we can confirm the sun is headed back north again. Ever since we arrived here in December we have been puzzled by the sun shining into the trailer. Our large back window faces south and as a result we have had to keep the blinds closed all day, we were opening them partially in the morning to get the warmth of the sun, but by mid-day it was making it hot in the trailer. We remember from last year that we could have the blinds open for a good part of the day. Well, mystery solved - the sun has now moved north far enough that it is no longer shining directly into our window from mid-afternoon on. Last year we did not arrive until the first of January, so after the first week we no longer had the afternoon sun shining in. DUH - live and learn.

Nancy participated in a an all day quilting class here at the campground today and Dennis went and did the grocery shopping.

Wednesday 1/12

Both feeling a bit better day by day. We even managed a brief walk in the desert on Tuesday afternoon. This morning we drove into Tucson to check out the Wednesday morning farmers market. Quite a disappointment as it consisted of one stall selling produce, one selling spices, and three or four craft booths. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

Stopped at the Food Conspiracy and stocked up, then went to El Charro for lunch. Once again a delicious meal.

Nancy went to the evening Mah Jong game again tonight while Dennis stayed home and listened to the Blackhawks game.

Thursday 1/13

After our morning yoga class at Tucson Yoga we returned to Desert Trails and each of us had hot stone massages. Angel is a lady here in the campground that does great massages with both hot and cold stones. Sounds a little strange, but it is really wonderful. We first experienced these last year and have been waiting for her to get here this year.

Relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Friday 1/14

Finally out for an early morning walk in the desert this morning. The weather is warming up slowly, supposed to be in the 70’s all next week.

Went and did some shopping this morning, Nancy was looking for a few short sleeve tops since she did not bring enough with her. After hitting a few places without much luck she found a couple at Target. Since we were in the area we went down to South 12th Ave since Nancy wanted to try the Sonoran Hot Dogs at BK Carne Asada Hot Dogs. The Sonoran hot dogs lived up to their billing and Dennis had an excellent hamburger as well. To top it off the Coke they sell is bottled in Mexico, using cane sugar. Tastes like the Coke we used to have when we were kids.

After a quiet afternoon we drove over to Coyote Pause for dinner.

Saturday 1/15

Drove into South Tucson this AM to check out another farmers market. Much like the one on Wednesday it was disappointing - very small. As long as we were in the area we went on East to Camping World and picked up a couple of items that we need and spent some time browsing to what we wanted that we really did not need.

By then it was almost lunch time so we backtracked to South 12th Ave (do I detect a pattern here?) and hit Perfecto’s for another delicious lunch. Stopped at La Estrella Bakery and picked up some doughnuts and cookies.

Back home Nancy did some laundry and then we took a walk in the desert and relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

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