Saturday, December 24, 2016

Well I did it again! One month to the day since my last post! I definitely need to get some discipline! 

Anyhoo... Lots of news and progress on the house. Hint: Jump ahead and look for the red date if you can't stand the suspense! 

Thursday 11/24

Quiet morning in Denver, Laurie hard at work cooking the turkeys. Joan flew in from Chicago at mid-day and Nancy and I picked her up at the airport. Then the whole group of family and friends gathered at our niece Emily’s house for dinner. Laurie had butterflied two turkeys and cooked them during the day. We had around 22 adults and a 7 kids under five for dinner and it was a delightful time. The food, everyone brought something, was great and good companionship among the whole group.

Friday 11/25

I woke up with a sore throat this AM! Bummer! It turned into a fairly good cold over the weekend. Nancy and Joan took the kids to MacDonald's play land this morning. I’m staying away because of my cold. I spent the morning balancing checkbooks and paying bills. Blackhawks game in the afternoon on TV here. Nancy and I took Joan to the airport in the afternoon.

Saturday 11/26

Quiet day for me. Others running some errands and shopping. Lawrence (our nephew), Emily, Greg and Miles went to Boulder for the University of Colorado football game in the evening. Blackhawks game tonight, but not on TV here. I listened to the first period on my app and then hit the sack.

Hawks finished their circus trip with 7 of the possible 14 points. Not great, but acceptable, especially since they played the last two games without Jonathon Toews.

Sunday 11/27

Connie and Laurie and their family off to Boulder first thing this morning to cut a Christmas tree on their property up in the mountains. Nancy and I stayed home, watched CBS Sunday Morning and then the F1 race that we recorded early this morning. Happy that Nico Rosburg won the championship. Thrilling finish to the race, but Nancy and I were not happy with the tactic that Hamilton used late in the race to try to push Nico back into the competition.

Monday 11/28

Quiet day for me, still feeling kinda punk from cold. Nancy went with Laurie to pick up kids from school.

The four of us went to Tag Burger Bar for dinner. One of our regular spots, Cherry Cricket, had a kitchen fire over the weekend and is closed indefinitely.

Tuesday 11/29

In spite of my cold I did go over to see the kids this afternoon as this is our last day here.

Laurie made another delicious dinner tonight, they have really spoiled us this trip.

Late flight tonight, leaving 9:55. Had a bit of a problem, Nancy had her phone with her when we went through security since she had her boarding pass on it, but it was gone when we got to the gate! She hustled back to security, but no luck finding it. She had to go back to the ticket counter and get a new boarding pass, but she was helped by a 20 minute delay in our plane coming in. Nancy called the Lost and Found at the airport and found out they have an on-line registry.

Uneventful flight, but the temp in Tucson when we arrived at 12:30 AM was the same as when we left Denver! Only a 20 minute drive home in the middle of the night.

Man was it cold in the trailer! Not expecting it to get so cold while we were gone I had not left the furnaces on!. The trailer warms up fast, but the memory foam topper on our bed was cold and hard as a rock!

Nancy managed to sleep, I ended up spend the night cat napping in my recliner.

Wednesday 11/30

Slept in this morning, too cold to walk in addition to my cold which has come back with a vengeance!

Nancy went on line and registered her lost phone at DIA. Sounds encouraging, they said they often don't show up for a couple of days. Hoping it got left in one of the bins and will show up in the next few days.

I tried to use the locate my phone app to see where her phone is, but it appears that location services are turned off on her phone, I did suspend the account so if someone took the phone they cannot use up our data.

Late morning we drove over to the house, progress really noticeable after ten days away! Outside has been painted; Support posts and beams for the porches on both sides have been stained; Danny installed the Mexican tile on the cross beam above the garage door and it looks great!; granite countertops and sinks have been installed; wood look tile for the master bedroom has arrived and Danny is starting installation there. Everything looks really good!

Thursday 12/1

I woke up sick as a dog this morning, enjoying being babied by my wonderful wife! There are advantages to being sick!

I basically did nothing all day today. Nancy did laundry. Received notice from SwissTrax that the RibTrax flooring for our garage has been shipped, should be here on Friday. Thirteen boxes weighing 37 lbs. apiece and one a little lighter! 19x17x17 boxes, so it may take two trips with the Jeep to get them to the self storage!

Blackhawks game tonight. 

Friday 12/2 to Monday 12/5

So the cold I picked up in Denver has segued into a sinus infection which has put me out of commission almost completely. Been feeling a bit up and down today, but moving in the right direction.

I did manage to get the SwissTrax flooring moved into the self storage locker. Took two trips with the Jeep and one with Nancy in the smart to get it done.

The house is coming along nicely. This morning we went by to check on the kitchen backsplash which looks very good, electrician is there installing lights and fixtures, yeah! Getting close!

Made a run to Costco today and had lunch at Aho Cafe, Nancy went to a yoga class here at the RV Park. I’m still under the weather but feeling better.

Tuesday 12/6 and Wednesday 12/7

No idea at all what we did these two days - sorry.

Thursday 12/8

Managed to get out for a walk in the desert this morning, I’m feeling a bit better - this has been a miserable two weeks! First a cold, then a sinus infection or whatever. One day better, the next miserable again! Really getting tired of this.

Talked to the lady from Ferguson Appliances this morning, she had a question on the ceiling fans we ordered. We’re putting upgraded fans in the great room and master, with the standard fans going into the guest room and den. She says appliances are scheduled to go in on Monday! Yeah!

Drove by the house on the way into town after lunch, starting to do grading work on driveway. 

No word from the Denver airport on Nancy’s phone, so afraid it is a goner. Nancy was just going to file an insurance claim, pay the deductible and get a replacement of the same iPhone 6. I convinced her to go by the Verizon store that we like at Speedway and  Campbell. Worked out well. We’re still going to pay for a new iPhone 7, but because the current one was with in a month of being paid off we can just roll into the new one with no change in our bill.

In addition to the new phone she also decided to spring for the special deal on an iPad Mini 2, same as the one I have. So a successful trip.

Lunch at Beyond Bread of course!

On the way home we stopped by the truck looking for the little ceramic Christmas tree we use in the trailer which we cannot find! Not there either! Thought we would have left it in the trailer last year, but not there!

Back home I started sneezing and my nose was running like crazy! Felt better most of the day and then I went through most of a box of tissues during the evening! Feels like I just got a cold! This is crazy!

Friday 12/9

Still feeling pretty punk this AM, we wanted to go to the 4th Ave Winter Street Fair this morning. I tried to get up and get going, but Nancy ended up going by herself. 

Saturday 12/10

Finally gave in this afternoon, just not getting better, so we went to a doc-in-a-box (NextCare Urgent Care). Made an on-line appointment, one available in 30 minutes, just enough time to get there. Really efficient and nice personnel. In to see a med tech within ten minutes and then a Doctor’s Assistant. She said a sinus infection is usually viral, but when they last this long it is probably bacterial, so she gave me a prescription for a antibiotic. Turns out my blood pressure is also quite low due to dehydration! A pretty common problem around here!

Nancy made a stop at the new Fry’s grocery on Valencia that opened yesterday, then a stop for my meds and home.

Sunday 12/11

Feeling a bit better this morning, slept better last night. Trying to get a lot of fluids in me today. 

Took it easy all day, Nancy did laundry. I loaded the bikes on the Jeep in the afternoon as we want to go with the bike group tomorrow if I can do it. Feeling better in the afternoon. Yeah! It’s about time!

Monday 12/12

Managed to get out with the bike group this morning. Beautiful day. We went to the trail near the YMCA where there is an option of heading off down the long bike trail or just a 3 mile loop around the lake. Nancy and I opted for the lake loop, I made it around twice then bailed. Nancy did another loop. 

We skipped the group lunch since we were done early. Stopped at Ajo Cafe for lunch, then Camping World to pick up some holding tank treatment, then back home for the afternoon.

Tuesday 12/13

Had appointment to have a recall done on the Wrangler. Jeep dealer is on far East side, a little over 20 miles away. A bit chilly in the open Wrangler early in the morning! Wore a hoody and gloves and had the heater on!

My Jeep Wave membership is great: free oil change and tire rotation and a free rental car when in for warranty work! So I dropped the Wrangler off. Never been to this dealer before and I was very pleased. Nice facility and personable service writers. Got there about 8:40 for 9 AM appointment, out the door with the free rental by 9:20!

We went by the house late in the morning - things moving fast! All appliances except the cook-top are in. Plumber working away!

We both had dentist appointments in the afternoon and then Nancy had a meeting with her Spanish group here at Desert Trails.

I went to the self storage place and finally found the little ceramic Christmas tree we had been looking for. Then I headed on into town anticipating the call that the Jeep was ready, which came about the time I went past the University. Picked uno the Jeep and was home in time for dinner.

Blackhawks beat the Ranger tonight in another really good game. These two are really equally matched - potential Stanley Cup final pairing?

Wednesday 12/14

Had an e-mail this morning from Paulette Herder, the chandelier we had purchased was damaged when the electrician went to install it! Bummer! Dug out the receipt, picked up the chandelier from the house and headed into town. 

We had bought the fixture from Lowes, simply because we did not like the standard one and could not find one we really liked. This one is pretty much a place holder until we find one that really turns our crank.

Fortunately Lowes had another chandelier on the shelf, so we did not have to mess around picking out another one. Easy exchange and on our way. Stopped at Penzy’s spices, then lunch at Beyond Bread (of course!). After lunch a stop at Trader Joe’s, then Albertson’s - our favorite frozen pizza on sale.

Another beautiful day so we took the Jeep, really a pleasant drive.  Back home mid-afternoon.

Thursday 12/15

By the time we got home yesterday the house was locked up, so we had to take the new chandelier over there first thing this morning. We took our hiking gear, went over and dropped off the chandelier, then took a hike up the side of Golden Gate Mountain. Only about a mile and a half, a lot more up and down than there is in the BLM land here at Desert Trails. Beautiful views from up on the hillside!

Here is a picture (not mine!) from the peak of Golden Gate Mountain:

If you look directly to the right of the unknown girl's elbow in the picture you can see the corner of our street and the empty lot where the house is being built. This picture is looking to the South, so you get an idea of the wilderness between us and the City of Tucson, which is to the left. We are only eight miles due west of the University, but it is about 18 miles by road!

Back home for a light breakfast, then headed into town. Stopped by the house again. Danny finishing the backsplash tile in the kitchen. Cooktop and exhaust hood are installed. Kitchen finished! Electrician is installing lights.

Went over to BK Tacos for lunch and then a quick stop at the grocery store. Took the open Jeep as it was another beautiful day. Hate to mention it to the folks suffering through the brutal cold up North, but the official high in Tucson today was 84 degrees - new record for the the date and close to a record for December!

Stopped  by the house again on the way home and the master bathroom lights are in! We have been worried that the four light fixtures the we ordered when the three light ones were discontinued would be too much - they are not! They look great! We are really happy with the way things are coming together!

Friday 12/16

Early morning walk in the desert, then Nancy ran into town for a  pedicure and I did some cleaning.

In the afternoon we drove up to the library in Oro Valley for a Master Gardeners talk on Growing Fruit Trees in Arizona. Another very interesting talk by the same lady that we have seen in two previous Master Gardener sessions.

Saturday 12/17

Stormy night last night, a lot of wind and then a fairly good rain. At about 4:30 I looked out the window and saw that the cover had blown off the Jeep - and it was raining hard. Put on a jacket and went out and dragged the cover back on in the rain.

By morning it had cleared off and by mid-morning the cover was dry so I took it off and let the Jeep start drying out. By Sunday it was completely dry, nice to have 10-15 percent humidity when you want something to dry.

Sunday 12/18

Nancy’s birthday. Took walk in the desert first thing and then watched the Sunday AM shows. Went to Mi Nidito for lunch, then stopped by Karen and Gary’s with a bottle of champagne and Nancy’s home made apple pie to celebrate her birthday.

Stopped in the park office and Andrea was really helpful and shuffled some reservations so we can stay in our space until January 15th! Hopefully that will give us enough breathing room!

Good Blackhawks game tonight.

Monday 12/19

Planned on ride with the bike group this morning, but the ride was cancelled as the leader and his wife are both ill and apparently the rest of the group decided it was a little chilly - in the 50’s.

We went over to the house about 10:30. Nobody working! Bummer. Took a short walk around the neighborhood and when we got back Paul the Painter was there starting the final interior painting! Yeah!

We took some measurement of the kitchen, looking at Wellness Mats for the kitchen. Standing on the hard tile floor while working in the kitchen is a no go.

Headed into town and had lunch at Beyond Bread, then stopped at the big Ace Hardware and Trader Joe’s, then back home. Nancy went to the yoga class here in the park.

Tuesday 12/20

Morning walk in the desert, I ran into Tucson Estates for a haircut at Pedro’s Barber shop, Nancy and a friend spent part of the morning reviewing Spanish. Ran by the house to look at some colors, but no one there at 1:30! Picked up mail. On Wednesday our next door neighbor told use the painters had been there later in the afternoon. 

Quiet afternoon and the Blackhawks lost tonight.

Wednesday 12/21

Morning walk and then swung by the house, a beehive of activity this morning! Painters, tile guys, electricians, guys installing there furnace and air conditioner. Carpeting in in guest room, outside light fixtures and electrical outlets in. Painters getting ready for outside finishing and working on final interior paint.

Nancy’s sister Joan came in from Chicago today for Christmas. Unfortunately the weather has turned cooler and drizzly. Joan says 65 is still a lot warmer than Chicago!

Lunch at Mi Nidito, then we went to Reid Park Zoo for a brief walk around. 

Back home the three of us had dinner in the trailer, left overs from lunch mostly.

Thursday 12/22

E-mail from Paulette Herder first thing this morning - WE HAVE A DATE! She says the walk through is scheduled for January 4th! YEAH!! 

It has been really frustrating being in limbo on the date the last couple of weeks. Now we can make firm plans, schedule the mover, let Andrea at the park know when she can have our site, schedule utilities, etc.

Joan came over to our place and we went over to the house so she could see the progress. Lots going on, ceiling fans are hung, almost as many guys working as yesterday.

Went to Beyond Bread for lunch, then up to Ferguson’s Appliance up North on Orange Grove Rd. to pick out the built-in ironing board that Nancy had specified. We all overlooked the fact that there were choices when we were spec’ing things out!

Stop at Trader Joe’s later in the afternoon and then back to our place. Left over sandwiches for dinner.

Friday 12/23

Nancy and Joan ran into town first thing in the morning and then they went over to the Desert Museum, they said it was crowded! I stayed home and started contacting utilities to get account transferred over. Spent close to an hour on the phone getting the new homeowners insurance policy set up (we have had a construction policy in place to cover liability issues since construction started).

I met Joan and Nancy at Coyote Pause for lunch, then they stopped by Karen’s house and I made a run to Samrose Market to fill a propane tank.

Dinner at our place again.

Saturday 12/24

First thing in the morning we met Joan at Beyond Bread on Speedway for breakfast. We wanted to be there when the Back Dough store opened so we could get pies for Christmas Eve dinner at Karen and Gary's house.

On the way home Nancy & Joan stopped at the store, I stopped at Summit Hut to get a new plastic clip for my computer bag.

Back home we had a light lunch, some champagne and opened our Christmas stockings.

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