Sunday, January 1, 2017

Getting Really Close to New House!

Sunday 12/25

Delicious and delightful dinner at Karen and Gary’s last evening. Rainy evening and snow on the mountains East of Tucson. All of the mountain tops were snow covered, a pretty view driving into town this morning.

Joan, Nancy, and I went to the Lowe’s Ventana Canyon for a really nice Christmas brunch. Ate way too much!

After lunch we went back to our house on wheels and relaxed. We've been living in the trailer for more than a year now, since December 8th last year! Full timer RV'ers for more than a year, unplanned as it was. 

Monday 12/26

We stopped by the house this morning and the whole crew was there working away on finishing touches. John Herder was there and we discussed moving the front sidewalk.  Instead of going from the driveway to the front patio it will come directly from the street with a couple of steps since the driveway is a bit steep.

Crew is getting ready to put the pavers down for the driveway and patios on the East and West sides. 

We measured shelves in the kitchen and pantry so we could get shelf lining.

The three of us then went to the Desert Museum and then over to Beyond Bread for lunch before Joan headed for the airport (she will be back in just a few weeks.)

After Joan left Nancy and I stopped at the big Ace hardware on Campbell and stocked up on shelf lining material, then a stop at the Verizon store for a bit of a treasure hunt. Turns out that to apply for the rebate on Nancy's new phone we need not just the receipt (which we have), but photos of the bar codes on 6 accessories we bought! Oops, packaging gone. So we stopped at Verizon and took photos of bar codes on the items we bought. Had to stop at three stores to get them all, but the folks at each store were really nice, even though they were all busy!  Back home in the late afternoon.

Tuesday 12/27

Chilly morning, postponed our desert walk until later in the morning. Nancy did laundry in the morning and I spent most of the morning on the phone getting utility accounts lined up.

Stopped in Desert Trails office to pay rent and fax paperwork to moving company, Nancy discussed doing the Bopp Road cleanup in early February with Pericles. Nancy has been coordinating it the last couple of years and does not want to leave Pericles in the lurch with no one to set it up and coordinate the volunteers. We are so grateful that Andrea has juggled things around so we could stay here in one spot until the house is ready.

Did a drive by of the house, several crews working. Off to BK Tacos for lunch and then a stop at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Back by the house again, workers all gone so we stopped to check out the new patios. Pavers are in place on both the East and West patios and a small area outside the great room doors that we did not expect. The patios look real nice.

Conversations with a couple of the neighbors, seems this will be a regular occurrence here. Met the couple directly across the street for the first time. We have now met all of the neighbors around us. We have already spent more time talking to neighbors than we did on a year or more in Geneva!

Back home late in the afternoon. Blackhawks had a pretty bad game tonight!

Wednesday 12/28

A bit cloudy today, but a pleasant day nonetheless. Morning walk in the desert, then a leisurely breakfast. Headed out late in the morning. Stopped at the Tucson Estates 2 management office to straighten out a couple of issues with the annual rent for our RV storage.

Then we headed way up North to Anasazi Stone in Rillito at I-10 & Arva Valley Road. Went up Sandario Rd West of the Tucson Mountains instead of going over East and back tracking on I-10. Eastbound I-10 runs Northwest out of Tucson, so by the time I-10 gets to Arva Valley Rd it is almost due North of where we are. Only problem is the Tucson Mountains also run Southeast to Northwest, so you have to get West of them to get North.

Picked out a skid of flagstone to be used on the patio inside of our wall. We are going to have Herder build the wall and patio early next year.

As long as we were so far North we made a stop at the Tucson Outlet Mall in Mariana and then had lunch at the Cracker Barrel.

Nice drive back home, a lot of the road runs through Saguaro National Park. Swung by the house, about a third of the driveway pavers are in.

Thursday 12/29

Pretty much stuck around home today.Nancy went to yoga class, I did more contacts on utilities, WiFi, water softener, etc.

Blackhawks looked a little better tonight and managed to pull out a win.

Friday 12/30

Quite windy this AM, so we skipped our morning walk. The wind really kicks up our allergies.

Late in the morning we went into town. Had a free lunch at Culver’s thanks to Christmas gift card from Joan! Stopped at Cafe Roma and bought fresh lasagna for dinner tomorrow and several frozen meals for later on.

Back home I uncovered the Jeep for the first time in a week or more, been a bit chilly, and made a run down to the storage locker to pick up the vacuum cleaner so I can clean carpets in the trailer before we put it into storage. Also brought back the plastic top door halves, might make it a bit more bearable on cold days!

We drove by the house earlier, nothing happening today, guys on holiday. Screens are on, driveway still only half finished, big pile of sand, probably prep for the patio outside the great room.

Saturday 12/31

Mostly stuck around home today after our morning walk in the desert. Nancy did make a grocery run into town in the late morning. Cool and cloudy today.

A bottle of Prosecco and lasagna from Cafe Roma and old movies on TV! Nice New Year’s Eve! We made it to Midnight - Central time at least!

Sunday 1/1/17

Off and on light rain during the night but in the morning we had a rain free window to get our walk in. We saw the base of a most amazing rainbow out over the Rosskruge Mountains off to the Northwest. The rainbow disappeared into the clouds but the base was the widest either on of us had ever seen, maybe due to the low angle of the sun coming from under the clouds.

Back home for breakfast and Sunday AM TV, fairly steady rain most of the morning, cleared off around Noon, but stayed cloudy. Temps only into the 50’s. Late in the afternoon I loaded the bikes on the Jeep for tomorrow morning’s bike ride. Looks like it might be a bit chilly.

Big week coming up. Walk-through on the house scheduled for Wednesday! Once we get that done I plan on taking a full set of interior pictures. Will try to post them Wednesday evening.

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