Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's Our House - And Here are Pics!

The walk through on Wednesday went well, a few items that still need to get done, including roll-out drawers in the cabinets in the master bath!

House looks great, driveway finished, front sidewalk still under construction. I'll post the last weeks activities later, but her are pics of the house:

This is the view walking in the front door:

Turning to the right this is the great room:

Turning more to the right the gas or natural log fireplace:

and how about that ceiling fan?! 60" in diameter!

Here's the view from of Golden Gate Mountain the great room doors, 16' of glass, the two center panels open to 8' wide. Golden Gate is 4,288 feet, we are at 

Looking back into the kitchen from the great room:

Nancy's pantry, this is right behind the refrigerator:

Then walking down the hall we find the guest room (took this pic and others yesterday, window treatments went in today, bottom up/top down roman shades in bedrooms and den): 

Next down the hall is the guest bath, zero depth walk-in shower:

Across the hall is the laundry room, that's the built-in ironing board on the wall, cabinet, counter and wash tub to the left with a window:

Next to the guest bath is the den, driftwood plank ceramic tile:

Then at the end of the hall is the master bedroom, with wood plank style ceramic tile, window to the right looking out at Golden Gate Mountain, master bath and closet to the left:

This is the master bath, another zero depth walk-in shower, Large walk-in closet that we will share to the left, w/c to the right:

Finally, my friend Gary and I spent the morning putting down the SwissTrax floor in the garage:

So that's the grand tour. I post my regular blog and some outside shots over the weekend.

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